Sustainability is so important when making purchases of any kind these days and this swim and beachwear brand is rising to the challenge.

Improving sustainability has become a priority for Coco Bay and this popular company is putting its social and environmental responsibility and vision at the forefront of its business practices, along with its working relationships with suppliers.

Coco Bay has chosen to partner with ethical partners who are also making strides for a more sustainable future.

Recycled Collections

The past few years have seen huge innovations in using recycled fabrics in clothing manufacturing. Seafolly, the Australian swimwear brand and one of Coco Bay's leading suppliers, has been at the forefront of using recycled fabrics in swimwear. To offset the countless number of plastic bottles that enter landfill and our beautiful oceans each year, Seafolly is using REPREVE nylon bases. This is a regenerated textile, made from 100% preconsumer PET bottle waste that conserves energy, water and CO2 emissions through the manufacturing process. This season Coco Bay is showcasing several recycled bikini offerings and next season will see this increased as Seafolly looks to move the majority of its collections over to this new recycled nylon fabrication.

Skemo Collection

Partnering with ethical suppliers is key and Coco Bay’s collaboration label ‘Coco Bay by Skemo’ sees a beautiful clothing collection ethically produced by artisans in Bali. The designs are all hand produced there by a team who are like one big family. All the crafts people have input into the designs and you can really see the love that goes into each piece. All the pieces are made with quality and longevity in mind and will be pieces that will last for many years.

Reducing paper and packaging

Coco Bay has also been busy in the background as well, working with an online returns platform, which has reduced more than 50% of the amount of paper that goes out with orders. The big challenge for retailers now is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging as everything that is shipped internationally comes in individual plastic packaging to protect it in transit. Watch this space.

By Team GWG
August 2021

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