Get on board with these high performance beauty products and you'll be ready for summer, whatever the weather.

Summer is on the doorstep and you can no longer put off neglecting your skin. Bare legs and arms will soon be the order of the day as we fish out our summer dresses and sandals. After months of hiding under woolly jumpers and jeans, those pins need sprucing up. The prepping needs to start now.

What we all want is trusted beauty products that will buff away dead skin cells so that the new can emerge, squeaky clean and ready for action. So with this in mind, we've done the groundwork and picked our go-to skin and hair care products that should see you through the busy months ahead.

These products should be part of your armory to super skin and hair, introducing your summer beauty must-haves.

Body Brushing

Body brushing is a routine worth getting into. We quite understand you might not want to do it all year round as hanging around in a cold bathroom in mid-winter isn't that inviting but during summer... oh yes! It's more than worth it. It gives you and your skin a boost first thing and once you've done it a few times, it'll soon become part of your morning routine.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Brush

This body brush encourages the renewal of fresh, healthy skin cells, and readies your skin for body products. The brush's natural Agave Cactus bristles, which have rounded tips leave skin supremely smooth making this a body must-have. Buy it here.

How to use

Gently dry brush your body before bathing or showering. Start at your feet using short, lifting strokes in the direction of your heart to stimulate circulation. Work over your entire body for maximum effect.

Care for the brush

Tap the brush afterwards to remove any debris. Wash through the bristles once a week with warm soapy water, rinse well and air dry naturally with the bristles facing downwards. Do not immerse the brush in water.


You can hear that word in your head, 'Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate' on repeat as that's what all beauty journos and bloggers tell us we should be doing. With your skin improving from the keen body brushing, an exfoliator can work wonders too.

Decleor 1000 Grains Body Exfoliator (200ml)

Decleor's indulgent scrub helps provide skin with a velvety-smooth finish. Grapefruit Essential Oil gives it a sparkling, invigorating fragrance. The innovative gel turns into an oil during massage for easy application, and then turns into a milk upon contact with water for quick rinsing. Buy it here.

How to use

Apply with gentle circular motions to damp skin in the bath or shower. Avoid contact with eyes.


For many, bare legs can cause much concern given they've been covered up for half a year. Once you've got your body brush and exfoliating under way your legs will be ready for moisturising.

This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil

This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil is an award-winning oil blend which transforms dry, dull legs into shiny, soft skin. A luxurious, 100% natural superblend of thirteen high-grade essential oils and six cold-pressed plant oils helps maintain the lipid skin barrier and reduce visible signs of ageing, including dry, scaly, dull skin. What's not to love about that? Buy it here.

How to use

Massage in daily - post-bath or shower - to tackle dry, rough, undernourished skin on legs and body, re-hydrating and enhancing dull skin.

Self Tanning

Worried about putting your best foot forward and it still being pearly white? The market is awash with self-tanning products but one brand that has maintained its place at the top of everyone's list is St Tropez, a multi award winner over the years.

St.Tropez Bestsellers Kit

This kit has everything you need for a natural-looking St.Tropez glow, containing St.Tropez's award-winning Self Tan Express which offers a 3-in-1 tan for you to choose your depth of colour from a light sunkissed glow to dark bronze. Simply apply with the Luxe Applicator Mitt provided and choose when to wash off the tinted guide colour. Wait just 1 hour before showering for a light sunkissed glow, 2 hours for a medium golden tan, or leave on for up to 3 hours for a deeper, darker bronze, to suit your skin tone. The results are streak-free and flawless, and there is no tell-tale smell.

If you make a mistake, the Tan Remover Mousse comes to your rescue. Infused with detoxifying cotton extract it purifies, whilst probiotics rebalance and prime the skin leaving the perfect clean canvas for your next St.Tropez glow. Buy the kit here.

How to use

APPLY: Gently massage a generous layer of Tan Remover Mousse all over dry tanned skin.
REMOVE: Rinse off in the shower with warm water. For stubborn areas, use with St.Tropez Tan Remover Mitt, buffing in circular motions.
APPLY: Glide on Self Tan Express Mousse using the Mitt to ensure no missed patches.
RINSE: Shower off after 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade.
GLOW: Your tan continues to develop over 8 hours into your chosen shade.

Hair care

Hair health and wellness has grown in importance during the last few years, when we were devoid of salon visits during lockdowns. At home treatments are now commonplace with salon standard products available, all of which can restore optimal health to your scalp and locks.

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo

Color Wow is a compact, capsule collection of ground-breaking, problem-solvers for colour treated hair, just what you need when sitting in the sunshine. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is an advanced sulphate-free formula that gets your hair clean, helps prevent thinning and most importantly protects against colour fade. Buy it here.

How to use

Apply a coin size amount to wet hair and massage into lather. Rinse and then follow with Color Wow Color Security Conditioner and style as usual.


Serums are a great way of super-charging your skincare. If you usually skip straight from cleansing your face to moisturiser, adding a hydrating serum step in-between will give skin an extra boost. Lightweight yet concentrated, they usually offer nutrients, active ingredients and a healthy dose of hydration. Because they are applied direct to cleansed skin they can sink straight in, thus increasing their efficacy.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Serum

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Serum is a high performance product that helps replenish your skin's hydration, binding moisture to the skin leaving it feeling supple and smooth. Enriched with vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid, Hydrating B5 leaves skin moisturised and feeling smooth and hydrated. Buy it here.

How to use

Using fingertips, apply 2-3 drops to the entire face, neck, and chest.

Lip balm

A good lip balm is a year-round essential and you should always carry one with you.

Bloom and Blossom Lip Service Nourishing Lip Balm

We are big fans of this brand set up by two sisters-in-law around a kitchen table and since those early days, it has won many accolades. This lip balm contains four powerful ingredients that together heal, hydrate and soften lips. It contains lanolin, which is similar to your skin's natural oils and so it's absorbed easily into you skin. Buy it here.

How to use

Apply on its own or under lipstick and repeat as needed throughout the day.

Face Mask

Another habit many of us have got into post Covid. A regular face mask can work wonders for your skin and can be super relaxing.

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Aqua Infusion Mask (50ml)

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Aqua Infusion Mask is a revolutionary anti-wrinkle mask that delivers layers of hydration to target multiple signs of ageing for transformative results. This clinically proven mask targets multiple signs of ageing by delivering a triple level approach to hydration. Powered by ULTRA SMART Aqua Shuttle Technology, this cooling gel mask delivers instant and 24-hour moisture to improve the appearance of deep set lines, firmness and elasticity, for a visibly younger-looking complexion. Buy it here.

How to use

Use three times a week on cleansed skin. Smooth over the face and neck. After 20 minutes, remove any remaining excess with warm water and a cotton pad or mitt.


Always wear a SPF when you go out to reduce skin damage from UV light, even in winter. But it goes without saying that come summer, this is non-negotiable. You should use a high perfomance SPF whatever you're doing.

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50

This is a good SPF for holidays, when you might be in and out of a pool or the sea and it can be used on the face and body and is suitable for all skin types. It has a lightweight formula that helps neutralise damage and bind moisture to skin without a greasy after-feel. Buy it here.

Summer First Aid

These are the items we have in our bathroom cabinet for the occasions when our skin isn't doing what it should be doing.

For stressed skin

Murad Intense Recovery Cream

Murad Intense Recovery Cream is a clinically proven, comforting cream for face and eyes reduces the visible signs of stress-induced ageing and redness. Intense Recovery Cream contains high levels of hydrating and nourishing ingredients that help relieve dry and extremely dry skin, and soothe irritations and visible redness. Buy it here.

How to use

Use morning and night to cleansed skin. Massage Intense Recovery Cream over face, neck and chest. Gently pat around the eye area. Follow with an SPF during the day.

For summer break outs

Spots have a habit of popping up in hot weather and with the right product to hand, you can quickly quell break outs.

Medik8 Blemish Control Pads (60 Pads)

These pads are an effective, alcohol-free blemish treatment that is tough on breakouts and gentle on skin. Pre-soaked in a clarifying maximum strength salicylic acid serum, Blemish Control Pads dissolve oil and dirt from deep within the pore to purify problem complexions. Crafted without alcohol and infused with allantoin and glycerin, they protect the skin’s natural moisture balance to ward off dryness while caring for the most sensitive of skin types. Buy it here.

How to use

Use daily to leave skin noticeably clear, smooth and perfectly hydrated. Simply swipe over the face after cleansing for a quick, no-fuss solution to all your blemish concerns. Even better, they can be used on larger areas such as the back, neck and arms to decongest breakouts that appear on the body. Allow skin to dry before moisturising

Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray

A multi purpose spray with powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It's excellent for any fungal infections on the feet and you can spray directly onto cuts and spots. It's the ideal first aid travel companion. Buy it here.


And finally whether you're going on holiday or staying at home this summer, at the end of the day, there is nothing nicer than filling your home with a wonderful fragrance, perhaps reminiscent of hazy summer days.

The Sea Shed Coastal Soy Candle

The Sea Shed Coastal Soy Candle is a soy wax candle with a vibrant citrus fragrance blended with Iris and Eucalyptus for an invigorating, uplifting scent. The candle burns for a sublime fifty hours, more than enough time to reach your ideal holiday destination, even if from the comfort of your own home. Buy it here.

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