A coatigan is perfect for autumn and warmer winter days and looks stylish too. Here are some ways to style a coatigan that look great.

Who doesn’t love a fashion hybrid? We were big fans of the shoeboot. We’ve rejoiced in the in-between virtues of the shacket. The tankini long ago became a holiday staple, and the skort has been a new discovery from which we have no plans to turn back. Upon us now, though, is the season of one of our very favourite sartorial fusions: the coatigan.

For those unfamiliar with this nifty little number, it is, as one might surmise, the halfway house between a coat and a cardigan. Lighter than its close cousin, the coat, yet warmer than a cardigan, typically has length, adding an elegant sweep to the silhouette, all while keeping you toasty.

Extremely flattering, it is the ideal transitional piece, bridging the seasonal gap; you can wear a coatigan over lighter tea dresses or team it with jeans and, as the weather turns properly cold, we even like to pull it over pyjamas when relaxing by the fire. So, if you’re on the search for a women’s coatigan, but are not quite sure where to start, we present the comprehensive lowdown on this most chic of hybrids. Here’s how to wear a coatigan.

Wear a Coatigan with Jeans and a White T-shirt

There is a huge amount of variety when it comes to ladies’ coatigans, from the cosseting oversized ones to wear around the house to the smart ones that can effortlessly pull a look together. Falling at the latter end of the spectrum is this sharp example by Hobbs and available at John Lewis. The longer line gives it an elegance, while the white piping against the navy of the sustainable viscose, paired with gold button cuffs, lends it a smart nautical appeal.

The beauty of this style lies in its versatility. It could just as easily be worn over a smart work suit as it could with a good pair of jeans. We love the latter look, especially paired with a classic white Tee-shirt, as shown here. The ultimate way to nail the smart-casual look. All we need now is a yacht… Shop it here.

Mix Light Colours in your Outfit

The key to dressing well at this time of year lies, undoubtedly, in layering. Unseasonably freezing one minute and unseasonably hot the next, the ability to add or remove items of clothing to suit the caprices of the weather is vital in the fight against being constantly caught short, sartorially speaking. The good news is that it also, happily, allows us to get creative with those layers, playing with texture and colour to our heart’s content. We love mixing in layers of light colours, which gives a softening effect to the whole look.

Next’s coatigan in a neutral hue looks perfect with a rosebud pink top and fresh white T-shirt beneath, its single button allowing you to sweep it across if you wish, while not obstructing the line if you choose to leave it open. Relaxed and casual, the coatigan draws the look together beautifully. Shop it here.

Style Unconventional Coatigans with Jeans

Ladies coatigans come in many various styles, from the form-fitting to the hooded coatigan. Yet one thing unites them all: the imperative to be cosy and cosseting. They are, after all, a piece designed chiefly for the purposes of wrapping oneself up. Some, however, go further when it comes to this raison d’etre than others. This jersey example, from Elsie’s Attic, is the ultimate when it comes to its burrowing properties.

Made in Italy and available in one size, it’s oversized style and funnel neck invite snuggling, while the big pockets should be example to all makers of women’s outfit. We love the wrap-over style, which lends it an unusual sculptural feel. The perfect thing to pair with jeans in these transitional weeks. In fact, we may never take it off again. Plus it’s perfect as a plus size coatigan, too. Shop it here.

Nail the Casual Look with a Longer Coatigan and Sneakers

Oh how we love this taupe alpaca wool coatigan with its geometric pattern in navy blue and ochre. Classic yet relaxed, its beautiful material ensures it’s a good fit for anything from casual café or pub lunches to walks in the countryside, all the while enabling the wearer to revel in the sensation of being wrapped up in a particularly soft dressing gown. Designed by Shibumi, the wool comes from British alpaca at the pesticide- and cruelty-free Weekfield Farm, high on the hills of the Exmoor National Park. The ultimate in a relaxed luxury, it looks as great with flat boots, as shown here, as it would with a good pair of trainers. Shop it here.

Pick a Buttoned Coatigan with a Boot to Dress up

There is, we say, never a good enough reason to suffer in the name of fashion. Planning a night out when the weather – mercurial as it is – decides not to comply should not mean that you end up shivering in outfits that were not designed to protect against the cold. Enter then the Paloma coat from Phase Eight.

Sleek and stylish, it can be dressed down for everyday wear, but also lends itself very well to being dressed up when the occasion calls. As per the above, why not team it with slim fitting black trousers and a pair of heavy boots – excellent examples of which the shops abound with right now. The stud trim detailing lends a panache, while the soft wool blend fabric and sleek wrap design keep you both warm and on style point too. Shop it here.

Show up for a Casual Dinner in a Coatigan and Loose Trousers

Remember the days of yore back in the noughties, when going out meant donning heels and – frequently – uncomfortable dresses in order to make a sartorial splash? Those days are, happily, relegated to the past as more and more women – young and older – choose not to be cold or otherwise uncomfortable in the name of fashion. And thank goodness for that, especially when there are so many routes to looking stylish that do not involve such sacrifices to personal comfort.

One such example is Monsoon’s longline coatigan in black. Elegantly sweeping, its knee-length gives a pleasing line, no matter what you wear it with. We love the pairing with 1920s-style wide-leg trousers and a very simple white T-shirt. Classic and sharp. And no shivering to be seen here when wearing this coatigan. Shop it here.

Style a Brown Hooded Coatigan with White Trousers

Camel hues are always a good idea. Classic and smart, we especially like the nod to early nineties stripped-back Calvin Klein and Armani here. This example, from Next, is closer to a coat style than a cardidan style than some of the coatigans in this list, but that’s a good thing in our books: the extra weight makes it a good choice for later in the season, as fall slides into winter. Worn with crisp white trousers, it’s the ultimate between-seasons look; warm, yet unwilling to say bid adieu to summer completely just yet. Liz Hurley eat your heart out. Shop it here.

Wear a Coatigan with High-heeled Boots to Look Stylish

Getting a look right is, so often, a question of balance. Go too far one way, and it can fast become overkill. We are long-time subscribers to the shabby-chic aesthetic and, as such, we love this homely chunky knit Ulla Johnson Aiko coatigan paired with frayed jeans and then leant the necessary smartening balance by a beautiful pair of soft suede heeled boots. This coatigan makes us long for nights by the fireside, nursing big earthenware mugs of tea – or, as the season goes on – mulled wine. Relaxed autumn weekend vibes only. Find the look here.

Look Sophisticated in a Faux Shearling Coatigan

There is nothing that screams ‘winter wonderland’ quite like a white knit – and never more so than if it happens to be lined with faux shearling. Cosy, snuggly and yet sophisticated, we love the plush collar and cuffs, teamed with the knitted sleeves and back, as well as the handy two large pockets (hallelujah!).

The monochrome look as shown here, paired with slim-fit black trousers and top, is smart and simple. Equally, however, it could look beautiful worn as a removable layer over a knock-out winter dress. The ideal wardrobe addition for this winter’s slew of festive light shows, surely? Shop it here.

Pair a Coatigan with a Dress

We are year-round fans of the dress. Not for us the annual dust-down of summer frocks; we’re likely to throw ours on every day of the year, instead choosing to alter the rest of the outfit to fit. Enter then, the all-rounder fluffy black knit coatigan. The perfect way to toughen up a floaty floral or complement a more structured dress, it will also keep you warm – and keep all your favourite frocks in action, whatever the weather. Check it out here.

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