The shapewear and tights that everyone knows about. We find out what makes the brand so so good.

If you haven't heard of Heist shapewear, the question we just have to ask is, why not? Where have you been for the last few years as this innovating company has reinvented tights and then turned its expertise to revolutionising shapewear.

Glowing reviews in the press simply roledl off the pages from the get-go when they first launched and they still do, with saying of the brand, 'The Olympian shapewear you have to try if you hate control pants.' Bazaar UK chimes in by saying, 'Heist has broadened its reputation as the go-to for comfortable hosiery to a modern shapewear destination too.'

Our standout products

If you're fed up of pouring yourself into shapewear that zaps the life out of you, barely letting you breathe, let alone eat or drink, let us introduce you to the delights of this world-first innovative underwear, not forgetting the tights that defy gravity.

The Outer Body

As You Magazine says, 'The Outer Body has quickly become Heist's hero piece, earning rave reviews from fashion insiders and influencers in the know'.

Got a fabulous dress but your body could do with a bit of finessing? The Outer Body's technology is mind boggling; the expertly positioned HeroPanels™ wrap around the stomach, hug the waist and support the lower back and bust, all for a smoother and more shapely silhouette, knocking up to five cm off your waist. With a breathable second-skin fabric and stylish design, you'll feel confident and comfortable, day and night. Available in black brown or beige, £95.

Tights: The Nude

Sometimes you have to resort to wearing a pair of nude tights. Perhaps it's a bit chilly or those spider veins on your legs are getting the better of you. Finding a pair of nude tights that matches your skin colour has hitherto been nigh on impossible. Remember The Duchess of Cambridge at her first garden party at Buckingham Palace, wearing the obigatory pair of tights that looked goddamn awful? Heist comes to the rescue with seven representative shades of nude, created in collaboration with 100,000 women. No more fashion gaffes then...

The gravity-defying, seamless design and adaptive waistband that doesn't dig, sag or roll make these your go-to tights. They're durable too (made out of 5000 spiral yarn) so kinder to the planet as well as to your pocket. £21

Tights: The Thirty

For those that find nudes going a bit too far, the thirty is sheer and stylish. Made from a super soft strong yarn, these look great and will last, the fashion insiders' favourite. £21

The Socks

This is not sock season, granted, but there is a lot to love about this sock. Heist has used its ingenue that it applied to its best-selling tights on the humble sock. Once again, it's super soft but for us, its the hold-up ankle band that makes it supersonic. Available in a range of colours, who can resist these? £10

May 2020


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