Back To School

Tick off backpacks, lunch boxes and school coats on your back-to-school shopping list. Make the most of our favourite online shops for school essentials from the comfort of your armchair.

Green Dragon Backpack

Got to love Joules for their quirky kids kit like this fire-breathing dragon backpack that has pop-out ears and flames. One of many bags to ogle.

Driving Dog Printed Rucksack

Trust The GWG editor on this one; this printed rucksack from Boden is so vast that your whipper snapper can fill it with swim kit and homework yet still have space for conkers.

Dancing Mice Lunch Bag

There won’t be tears at farewell if little Madam is clutching her shamelessly pink ballerina lunch bag at nursery school. Trust Emma Bridgewater to bring joy to littles.

Novelty Lion Pencil Case

Fill this yellow felt lion pencil case with sharp new pencil crayons and a gimmick rubber. Just look at that cheery face.


Keep the holiday memories alive long after term has gone back and homework fights become the daily norm. With 15% off at Bob Books.

AJ Coloured Crayons

New term, new stationery. Treat the sprogs to this set of Design Letters by AJ Colored Crayons, the minimalist and modern Danish brand Design Letters.

Alphabet Pencil Case

Oooo, budge over kids, we want to get our mitts on this alphabet pencil case. Chic enough for grown-up stationery fiends like ourselves and useful for classroom students too.

Melton Double Breasted Coat

Is your 10-year-old going on 20? Chic little ladies would appreciate a school coat with suave, with style, with a Jigsaw label!

Navy Parka Coat

Winter is coming. Keep your boy warm and dry in this Nat Navy Park coat. We love the mustard lining while the teachers will appreciate its navy outer.