Ancienne Ambiance

Natural hand-poured luxury scented candles don’t come much better than Ancienne Ambiance's, which is why they are firm favourites of the top beauty editors. See our wishlist from the niche fragrance brand.

Tuberosa Tealights Set

New! Scatter these strong floral tealights around the house and enjoy the wafts of heady and warm notes. Each candle is made of a slow burning wax.

Alteeneh Fig Candle

In the words of Vogue writer Plum Sykes, ‘this candle is incredible.’ We couldn’t agree more; the sweet and woody fig scent lingers.

Colonia IV EDT 100

If only you could smell this picture. The uplifting citrus eau de toilette won Biteable Beauty Awards 2016 and has notes of lemon, orange, lavender and neroli.

Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash

This coconut and argan formula is so natural you can use it on your face. No wonder it keeps winning awards with the beauty experts.

Amandula Almond Soap

As the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew well, almond milk is great for nourishing and toning skin. This soap gets our vote.

Lavendula Lavender Bath and Body oil

Can’t sleep? No insomnia app can work the magic that this Lavender bath oil can; pour in a warm bath or use for body massage.