Caught the at-home gym bug post lockdown? Here’s how to kit out your home for a stylish and effective work-out.

For the last 18 months, at-home workouts have been our only option with studios and gyms closed. Yet what started as a lockdown necessity has now gradually become a convenient way to fit daily workouts into our new post-lockdown lifestyles. But what about fitting into our homes? Rather than cluttering up our living spaces with gaudy, bulky fitness kit in our new make-shift at-home gyms, a new wave of stylish fitness equipment has emerged, from beautifully crafted pieces that can stand pride of place in any home, to designer brands lending their logo to otherwise functional apparatus for a fashion twist on at-home fitness. Here are seven of our favourite bits of kit to upgrade your workout space, at home.

Acupressure Mat

Bed of Nails

The name may not sound that enticing, but far from being an implement of torture this acupressure mat, with its 8,800 plastic spikes arranged across its surface, works in a similar way to acupuncture needles. Designed to alleviate tension, stress and even improve sleep and back pain, the spikes help release endorphins (the body’s ‘happy drug’) as well as oxytocin, to help you relax. A great evening, or post-workout ritual to try. Buy it here.



Used by over 250 professional sports teams as a way of easing aches and pains, ‘percussive therapy’ is a way of pummelling and massaging muscles, without the need of a masseuse or physio. This clever bit of kit has a range of heads for different areas of the body to ease tension and post-workout muscle soreness, as well as having an accompanying app to help you track and personalise your at-home therapy. Buy it here.

The Power Ring


While other fitness brands have gone decidedly high-tech, Bala’s range of fitness weights and aids are refreshingly simple in their aesthetic yet intelligent in their multi-use design. The Power Ring, for example, is a weighted 10lb ring which can be used in over 75 movements. Perfect for effective workouts in the minimalist home. Buy it here.

Monogram Dumbells

Louis Vuitton

Pure luxury fitness posturing at its finest. These monogrammed Louis Vuitton dumbbells come with the signature LV canvas handle and engraved 3kg polished steel weighted ends. The perfect gift for the fashion-loving exercise fanatic’s designer at-home gym. Buy it here.



Italians know a thing or two about design, whether it’s cars or coffee machines, and it seems cycles are no different. The Ciclotte bike is a true thing of beauty; made from ultralight carbon fibre, its futuristic streamlined curves use sophisticated electromagnetics to control the resistance, with a single statement circular design and bull horn handles which can be customised in a range of colours. You won’t get much change from £10k, but we guarantee this is one exercise bike that won’t be gathering dust in the corner of your bedroom. Buy it here.

Oxbridge with S4 Performance Monitor

Water Rower

Hand-crafted from sustainable woods and using the power of water in its flywheel for smooth and even resistance to give the sensory feel of real river rowing, the Water Rower is a beautifully designed bit of kit for a full-body, at-home workout. Buy it here.

Walnut Abdominal Roller


Placed on a bookshelf, you’d easily mistake this hand-carved abdominal roller for a sleek sculpture. Using American walnut and brass, the simple yet ruthlessly effective piece of kit targets deep abdominal muscles and core stability. A beautiful, simple design for those as conscious of their own aesthetic as much as that of their home. Buy it here.

By Lydia Mansi
September 2021

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