27 Cool Dressing Up Costumes For Kids

Fancy dress parties are go. These are the coolest costumes to fire little ones’ imaginations.

The summer holidays are approaching, which means one thing: no more school uniform for several weeks. And on June 21st, barring disaster, parties, whether indoor or outdoor, will be back on. Now is the moment, then, to make up for lost time and go mad with children’s fancy dress efforts. Those clever and creative enough will, of course, fashion their own costumes. But for the rest of us mere mortals, the good news is that excellent purveyors of dressing-up abound in the UK – with many so lovely that you wouldn’t mind if your child develops a devotion to said costume and refuses to take it off, ever again (not an unlikely outcome). Whether your little ones are into princesses or dinosaurs, fairies or pirates, these are the costumes we – and, more to the point, they – will love. Fancy times ahoy!

Main image: Meri Meri

By Nancy Alsop
June 2021

Poppy Fraser
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Rebecca Guinness, Co-founder of Elfie London

John Lewis

Little Roar Lion Costume, £22

Mimi & Lula

Mystical Velvet Crown, £12


Deluxe Frog Princess, £40


Badger Mask, £12.99

Great Pretenders

Doctor Costume With Accessories, £32.95

Meri Meri

Cotton Rabbit Costume, £54

Numero 74

Phoenix Costume Gold S024, £59

Pirouette Cacahouète

My Glasses, £12


Sparkly Tulle Cape Costume, £15.99


Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Dress Up Set, 3 Pack, NOW £12.60


Owl Cape, £36

Great Pretenders

Colour-A-Cape Superhero Spider, £21.95

Time To Dress Up

WW2 Evacuee Boy, £21.95


Cape With Bunny Hood, £25.99


Monochrome Owl Headdress, £95

Elfie London

Flower Crown, £10

Meri Meri

Dinosaur Costume, £60

John Lewis

Baby Yoda, £19.99


Ghostbusters Fancy Dress Costume, £25.99

Obi Obi

Tutu & Crown Costume Set, £63

Great Pretenders

Baby Dragon Cape, £18.95

Numero 74

Merlin Hat, £18

Time To Dress Up

Tudor Girl, £29.95

Meri Meri

Blue Bird Costume, £45


Super Hero And Super Heroine Cape, £17.99

Mimi & Lula

Pirate Dress Up Set, £12

Not On The High Street

Flower Headdress, £29.95

Nancy Alsop


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