22 of The Sweetest Valentine’s Gifts at Etsy, from £3

Make your beloved’s heart sing and support independent craftspeople at the same time by buying your Valentine’s gifts through Etsy – without breaking the bank.

Valentine’s Day is all about the personal touch. For anyone who prefers to eschew the mass-produced and instead lavish love upon their amour courtesy of British craftspeople, Etsy – go-to hub of the independent maker – is the perfect place to unearth a lasting, meaningful or simply fun treasure. But where to begin your search on a site that sells literally thousands of extremely diverse products? The good news is that we’ve done the trawl so you need not; from sweet tokens of affection to edible treats; vintage pieces to jewellery; art works to underwear, we present our top pick of Etsy’s Valentine’s gifts.

By Nancy Alsop
January 2022

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Nancy Alsop


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