ASOS knows how to set trends but which are the online stores that are following suit? We give you the detail.

Its clothes are stylish. They’re affordable. And when it comes to fashion, the company knows how to set the trend. That’s right - it must be ASOS. Since its birth in 2000, it has grown to become the UK’s leading fashion site, providing in-style clothing to a hungry clientele of twenty-somethings.

By keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of the fashion market, it has gone from mirroring celebrity fashion to actually setting celebrity trends. Celebs like Rihanna and Kate Hudson now adorn their own labels, creating a ripple effect across the fashion market, where young adults in their twenties now emulate their icons by filling their wardrobe with clothes from ASOS.

Walk down any high-street in the UK and you’ll see how popular their fashion range really is. From indie to designer through to alternative, ASOS offers a dependable mix of clothing that is both trendy and affordable, making it an instant hit with the younger market.

But what if you couldn’t shop at ASOS? Where else would you go? Well, the answer is not always obvious since other fashion giants offer similar clothing but with a slight twist of their own style.

If you want to discover other shops like ASOS then you’ve come to the right place. Check out our list below of clothes websites like ASOS to add more variety to your wardrobe.

Miss Selfridge

As the name suggests, Miss Selfridge caters exclusively for the female fashion market, offering customers an exciting range of vibrant and affordable clothing. From dresses to blouses to petite clothing, Miss Selfridge will satisfy whatever fashion craving your wardrobe may have.

Perhaps one of the main differences between the female fashion giant and ASOS is that their clothing tends to pull a slightly older target market, appealing to women in their 30s. Also worth mentioning is that they’re always offering exciting deals. They’ve even got a ‘£10 and under’ section in their online store, so make sure to check it out.

Nasty Gal

From socks to dresses, every bit of clothing from Nasty Gal exuberates stylish confidence that resonates with the young and fashionable female market. Nasty Gal leans towards a more flamboyant taste in fashion that draws similarities with the alternative fashion trend.

They love hipster classics, the 90s and anything vintage. ASOS offers this in its collections as well but expect to see more variety from Nasty Gal. What’s more, is that they love a sale, offering many of their exciting clothing at a discounted price on their online store.


If you want to shop for high-quality and on-trend fashion for a big night out in the town, then Revolve should be at the top of your list. Leveraging the power of social media, Revolve invest a lot of their marketing budget to connect with young and urban customers.

If you’re on a budget, then make sure to have a look at their online sale, where you’ll be sure to find a dashing outfit that will sort you out for the weekend.


From casual to formal and anything in between, Missguided see themselves as trendsetters in the female fashion industry. Unlike many other fashion retailers, all of their products are created by in-house designers.

To make things better, every week Missguided provides access to 1,000 new styles, with many being offered as part of a special deal. Currently, they have a 50% sale on a selection of their products - so make sure to have a browse of their online store!


An excellent and popular Asos alternative is TopShop. Specialising in female fashion only, TopShop rather uniquely interweaves pop and indie culture into their clothing, creating a more youthful appeal.

Being one of the stores like Asos, TopShop never shy away from a sale. Right now on their website, they’re offering a 60% discount on all of their tops. From t-shirts to blouses, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here.


If there’s one thing PrettyLittleThing excels at, it’s fast fashion. Every day, they release hundreds of exciting new garments, offering a diverse range for women looking for trendy apparel. You won’t struggle to find a bargain here, with dresses being priced as low as £5 on their website.

French Connection

Their ‘Fcuk’ t-shirts may not be as popular as they once were, but the brand still offers a quality range of clothing to both men and women. The main difference is that their fashion is still fresh and sleek but now less controversial than it once was.

If you’re one for a bargain, then it won’t take long to find a good deal on their website. With many of their items being sold at a discount of up to 50%, you’ll have no difficulty in staying within your budget.


Fighting it out at the top with other female fashion brands such as Miss Selfridge and Boohoo, is Misspap. If you’re looking for fashion with a sassy twist you’ll be spoilt for choice with Misspap’s glamorous selection of clothes, high-heels and fashion accessories. Although their range may be priced higher than many of their competitors, you can guarantee excellent value for money, especially with their online sale.


If there’s one word to describe Modcloth it would be ‘alternative.’ Coming from across the pond in the USA, Modcloth are huge advocates of indie and vintage style clothing, offering customers a colourful range of outfits that immediately stand out from the conventional.

Similar to ASOS, this brand always has excellent deals on offer. So stay tuned to the website and keep an eye on its prices.

Free People

Do you like clothes with colourful patterns and artistic flair? From bohemian to free-spirited designs, Free People offer a selection of alternative fashion garments that would warm the heart of any hipster.

If there’s one thing that Free People are good at, it’s offering young adults trendsetting apparel with an endearing vibrancy that accentuates confidence. Make sure to check out their online store for deals since they’ll help you find what you’re looking for at a lower price.

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