Choosing the perfect sunglasses can be tough. The Good Web Guide has prepared the 10 best designer sunglasses suggestions for women that you can find in the article below!

Buying sunglasses is one of those happy necessities that signals good times ahead: namely, that you’re off on hols, or that the famously capricious British weather is favoring us with a spell of sunshine for a while. (It is, however, worth noting that wearing sunglasses all year round is advisable beyond the instant Hepburn-esque glamour they bestow: sunglasses protect your eyes from the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, which are present all year round.) But despite the fact that buying might be born of a positive reason, it can still be tricky to find just the right sunglasses for women – whether you’re on the hunt for designer sunglasses for women or otherwise. First of all, it is important to check that the sunglasses you’re buying do in fact protect against the UV rays that can cause macular degeneration. But beyond that practical concern, what are the things to look out for when on the hunt for luxury sunglasses for women?

It all starts with the shape of the face. For most people, this will fall into four categories: round, heart, square or oval, and so it is good to be aware of which styles of glasses will best suit your shape.

You may also wonder whether to go classic or be more experimental when it comes to the latest designer sunglasses for women. Unlike regular glasses that are worn every day, summer shades offer an excellent opportunity to be experimental with your eyewear; after all, for many people, sunglasses represent the more affordable end of the designer spectrum.

Nonetheless, it’s also worth deciding on a price point: will it work best for you to splurge on a designer pair that will – ideally – last and last, or would it be better for budgetary reasons to plump for a convincing imitation on the high street. After all, if you’re someone who adheres to diktats from the glossy fashion bibles, buying at the high end every year soon becomes an expensive indulgence.

Do consider the color of your frames and, indeed, lenses: if you’re unsure whether to go for a bright hue, take into consideration your skin tone – warm or cool – and decide whether it will best suit your complexion. But most of all, have fun: they may be an essential item but, with the right guidance, there are few more fun things to shop for than the latest sunglasses for women.
We delve into the best sunglasses for women and how to buy them.

The Most Popular Shapes Of Sunglasses For Women

Nailing the right shape is everything when it comes to the best designer sunglasses for women – but that is, of course, a very individual matter. No two face shapes are exactly the same, but helpfully, then do tend to fall into four rough categories.

Those with oval faces – which is to say that your face is slightly longer than it is wide, tapering towards the chin – have the pick of the bunch. Anything goes style-wise, from oversized sunglasses for women to aviator sunglasses for women – and everything else in between, including classic Wayfarers and browline skimming styles.

For heart shaped faces – those whose widest point is at the cheekbones, narrowing at the jaw – it’s a good idea to go for sunglasses that are a little wider than the forehead, thus giving the optical illusion of balancing the face shape. Cat eye sunglasses for women, sports styles, Wayfarers and even the right pair of round glasses can all work well with this face shape.

Round faces tend to be softer and more balanced, with the width and length of the face being roughly equal. In this case, then, the idea is not to balance, but to add edge, thus imposing structure on the face. Oversized square, cat-eye or Wayfarer styles all work well as sunglasses for round face women.

And, unsurprisingly, for square faced women, the opposite holds true: they have plenty of facial definition already thanks to a prominent jawline that is roughly as wide as the cheekbones. The idea here, then, is to soften the whole effect with round, aviator, shield, or oval styles.

Read more about how to buy trendy sunglasses for women based on face shape, as well as to get advice on lens treatments and colors, over on Trunk Club here.

Trending Styles For Women's Sunglasses In 2022

There are some styles that will never go out of fashion. That Top Gun: Maverick has come out to huge acclaim and will hardly have hurt purveyors of designer aviator sunglasses for women, but in truth, the style never went away (do note that XL is the way to go with aviators right now). The same can be said for the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, since it is so universally flattering – and yet there will never not be room in the fashion spectrum for a pair of oversized black sunglasses for women in the manner of Audrey Hepburn. Nothing beats them when you just want to add a dash of high glamour to your outfit.

If, however, you are keen to follow the up-to-the-minute trends, there are some stand-outs that have the fashion community abuzz right now. Harking back to the turn of the millennium, rimless tinted styles are back, as are shield shades, the latter recently seen on Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Similarly, futuristic and architectural styles, as well as boldly colored lenses, are all making the current fashion cut.

Meanwhile, sporty trends are having a moment too, as seen in the likes of Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain. However, as argued by Stylecaster’s Bella Gerard, of-the-moment styles will come and go; in the end, the most important thing is to shop for your face shape – and therefore for a pair that you will want to wear beyond one summer. Read on here for more suggestions of sunglasses shapes that will flatter your face. Unless that is, you’re hellbent on trend-hitting Elton John-style statement-making glasses. And who could argue with that?

Our Top 10 Choices

There are some designers who just do sunglasses better than the rest. Here, we take our pick of designer sunglasses for women in the UK, brand by luxury brands.


Maxi Medusa Biggie Sunglasses, £234

No one in the history of fashion has, or ever will, but the words ‘Versace’ and ‘understatement’ together. And nor could anyone level accusations of restraint for these heavily branded sunglasses for women. And yet we love them. Their 90s-inspired vibe, their hip-hop flavor, their pink acetate frames, and their huge Medusa motif transport us straight to the beaches of Miami. This is a pair of sunnies that screams beach life and yet would go with a wide array of styles. We see can just as easily see them teamed with a swirling Pucci-style kaftan as we can with 1970s style toweling shorts and a logo T-shirt. And yet somehow too, they’d work just as well with a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt and an off-duty blazer. Knock-out yet versatile. Shop them here.


Original Wayfarer Chromance, £213

There’s no arguing with a classic Ray Ban, which remains one of the most – if not the most – universally popular styles around the world. Launched in 1956, in their first wave of popularity, they were worn by cultural icons from Andy Warhol to Bob Dylan to JFK, and though their popularity dipped in the 1970s, they made a big return in the 1980s, and haven’t budged since. They suit almost everyone, accounting for their enduring, seven decade-long popularity. But should you want to double make sure that you’re buying the right pair for your face, you can sample them using Ray Ban’s digital ‘try on’ feature. We like this classic tortoiseshell pair, which are perfect for everything from the beach to your summertime city commute. The joy of such a classic is that it goes with just about anything, from floaty maxi dresses to sharply tailored suits; sportswear to festival wear. We love them. Just do note: while many have imitated the brand, no one has bettered the Ray Ban original. Shop here.


Mumbo® Hybrid® & Pro M Frame® Heater®– Bundle, £417

Chiming with the vogue for colored lenses comes this limited-edition pair of 1990s style icons: the Mumbo® Hybrid® and Pro M Frame® Heater®. As they explain, ‘The rise of Oakley from a niche brand to pop culture happened through the early 90s. With its introduction in 1989, Mumbo was synonymous with beach culture. From the surf to the sand, Oakley was front and center. It was quickly becoming the new look of sports performance eyewear. The introduction of XYZ Technology to define HDO (High Definition Optics) was bringing not just a new level of visual performance, but also sculptural design. The vibrant and dynamic colors have come full circle to be even more relevant in today’s world.’ Collectors at the ready: these spectacular sporty shades won’t hang around for long. Check them here.


Mask-Shaped Sunglasses, £685

Remember these slick little numbers from the early 2000s? The mask-style shade is everywhere right now, and the throwback exudes nostalgia for the days when they were beloved by style icons the world over. This Gucci renaissance doesn’t exactly come cheap, so you will need to be invested in this style – or just have deep pockets – to buy them. But should you do so, they are a short-cut to ultra-glossy style – whether you’re on the mountain or not. We like the metal studs that decorate the rimless frame, as well as the burgundy and pink hue. Eye-catching and reminiscent of simpler times (in other words, our youth), they may have gone off the radar for close to two decades, but they’re back with a bang, proving the rule that all good things in fashion (and a few bad) will come full circle. Check here.


Hardware Detail Square Frame Sunglasses, £210

Round-faced ladies take note: these tortoiseshell shades are sheer perfection when it comes to adding instant glamour to your look – and balancing your features. Despite its square shape, we love that the frame still has a softness to it, thanks to the rounded edges of the acetate frame. For those who prefer to dial down the bling, the logo is subtle; instead, it’s all about the oversized style and the polished detail which was inspired by the hardware on Burberry’s Olympia bag. For an ultra glamourous look, team with a simple black bathing suit if at the beach, or a classic little black dress if not. Timeless perfection. Check for more here.


Prada Runway Sunglasses, £350

If you’re looking for designer white sunglasses for women, then these must, surely, be in the running. The modernist-inspired frame chimes with the trend for futuristic and architectural styles; we love the fact that they are concurrently angular yet soft and rounded and, thus, flattering. White might not be the go-to hue for sunglasses, which more typically come in black, tortoiseshell or brights, but that just makes us love them all the more. We can see them worn all year round and paired with polo necks in the cooler months and sculptural monochrome dresses in the summer. Check for more.

Michael Kors

Cheyenne Sunglasses, £110

For anyone who has got caught up in Top Gun: Maverick fever, there is really only one style of sunglasses for summer 2022: the aviator. We love these oversized Michael Kors takes, which exude both drama and cool. Perfect if you’re channeling a 1970s look (nothing is better suited to a classic retro Adidas tracksuit), but equally excellent when teamed with classic denim and a crisp cotton shirt. The two-tone metal and double brow bar not only look perfect, but the adjustable nose pads ensure a comfy fit too. Find more here.


Round Sunglasses, £500

Round glasses don’t always have to scream ‘John Lennon’ (not that we’re against that iconic look in any way, shape, or form). But we do love a riff on a classic – and these ‘round’ glasses adhere to the shape that is perfect for square faces while also being wholly glamorous and timeless. We could see Grace Kelly in them as much as we could Kate Moss. Wear them with just about anything, from relaxed tailoring to boho maxi dresses. Click for more.


Diorpacific B1U, £340

Christian Dior famously pioneered The New Look. Whilst these sunnies might not be revolutionary in quite the same way, their new bold butterfly design is undeniably iconic too. Graphic, heavy on logos, and adorned with gold stars, they exude understated bling, oxymoron though that may be. They’re perfect for a fun and fresh look for summer. Team with the most bling swimsuit you can find. You can find more here.

Ralph Lauren

Colour Shop Panto Glasses, £115

Is there a pair of sunglasses that scream sunshine more than these? Yellow acetate frame and temples? Tick. Did blue tint lenses? Tick. We will be wearing these all summer long – and then busting them out over winter to remind us of summers to come. You can check here for more.


The takeaway? Nailing instant glamour via a good pair of sunglasses is all about getting the right shape for your face. Know your style, budget, and the shape that suits you, and you have effortless cool all sewn up.

By Nancy Alsop
June 2022

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