Eat better and live better with Yumbles, a slick online marketplace for speciality food. Now crowdfunding.

Husband and wife team Simos and Katie Kitiris are on a mission to make it easy for everybody to eat better. Fed up with how difficult it is to find and buy good quality, ethically produced food and drink, they have set up Yumbles, an online marketplace for artisan food.

The specialty food market is, by its nature, a fragmented one. Yumbles connects 600 independent food makers with consumers looking for quality. The easy-to-use platform already offers over 6,000 products that cater for countless tastes and needs – everything from baked goods and snacks to chocolate, cheese and charcuterie and gluten free products.

Be assured: the Yumbles team taste-test samples from producers who wish to join and make sure that they meet strict criteria.

Simos and Katie share a background in online marketplaces and a passion for great food. This is the third business that they’ve worked on together. Having previously worked at Accenture and Amadeus, Simon was a co-founder of PeoplePerHour, the UK’s leading marketplace for services.

Their latest clever idea is targeting the UK’s estimated £10bn plus UK speciality food and drink market. Yumbles has seen £1m plus sales in the last 12 months, resulting in £400k plus revenue. Because the company holds no stock (producers send their fare directly to consumers and Yumbles takes a commission on the sale), the business model is scalable.

Katie Kitiri told the FT’s How To Spend It magazine: “Our longer-term vision is to create a credible alternative to the large food conglomerates. We want to inspire people to become more passionate about what they eat.”

November 2017