Stay in the moment! Our top online brain games to stop you just scrolling Insta for hours.


The original crossword game, now available online, the SCRABBLE app has helped us to while away many a train journey. Play against friends, a random opponent or the computer and get numerous games going at once to really test your word power. With a built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary, a speed mode play and a best word feature, this is old-school fun that won’t rot your brain.
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Sudoku number placement puzzles are a great way to challenge the Instagram-addled brain. Usually found in the back of the paper, you can also download to your phone for a brain game on the go. In our view, the best out there is by Brainium studios, featuring a Sudoku learning tool, explanation of answers, progress statistics and unlimited undo and redo. Now there’s a reason to pick up your phone.
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One of the oldest board games and the first ever Backgammon game for iPhone by Adikus, Backgammon+ retains a classic look but with new features and is generally considered one of the best backgammon games available. Appealing features include one tap play, fast matching and (the developer assures) completely random dice rolls – yes, even at top level.
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Like V-cycle for the brain, the Mensa Brain Training app is a brilliant way to get the grey cells pumping. Created by the original high IQ society, the app features innovative work outs designed especially for touch screens with games and exercises to improve the things that most of us in this day and age have lost: memory and concentration.
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With over 90 million downloads worldwide, Lumosity is considered by many as the original brain training app. The 40+ mini-games are designed to train speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem-solving, and are quick, fun and focusing. We love that games are curated for the user and the helpful training insights. Also the mindfulness training for greater clarity. Einstein, move over.
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January 2019