How online tools help you ease tension in daily life. Tom Fortes Mayer, meditation teacher at FreeMind, shows us how.

The modern mindfulness and meditation apps and podcasts are great for a number of reasons in helping you to ease tension in daily life. We asked Tom Fortes Mayer, Meditation Teacher at FreeMind why online meditation is successful, and to choose his five favourite meditation podcasts. The FreeMind app combines meditation with specially designed relaxation music to make it easier for people to access deeper levels of meditation but it also uses uplifting music in the final stages of the meditations to inspire the listener to bring their very best to the day. So, FreeMind relaxes but then also energises.

Why online meditation reduces daily stress:

1. Meditation apps often provide bite-sized meditations, from five to fifteen minutes, meaning that you can slot it into any period of downtime. It is an ideal tool for those with busy lifestyles who still want to find moments of calm during their day.
2. They often utilise the latest understanding in sound technology which means certain frequencies, rhythms and tones are used which make it so much easier to go into meditation.
3. The meditation apps usually come with online communities that offer huge amounts of support, guidance and encouragement. This is not just from the app creators but also from the other community members using the apps. So all in all, modern meditation apps and online tools make meditation more convenient, accessible and practical and they come with a lot of support.

Tom’s favourite meditation podcasts:

Zen for Everyday Life

Zen for Everyday Life is presented and led by Matt Valentine who has a very calm and soothing energy. His meditations are simple and very powerful. Matt’s tone is great and he also adds a lot of other information to help you make the most of your life. He offers great wisdom in a very unassuming, relaxed and inclusive way.

The Daily Meditation Podcast

This is presented and led by Mary Meckley who has a lovely open and welcoming energy. Mary knows a great deal about meditation, happiness and practical ways to improve how you think and feel. Her podcast gives huge amounts of tips and techniques to help deepen your meditation practice whilst giving you a chance to experience lots of different styles of meditation.

Meditation Minis

The very experienced teacher Chel Hamilton presents and leads these free guided meditations designed for busy people. Her techniques are excellent and she covers a huge amount of topics so you will get more than just relaxation. She can help you make some important changes in your life.

The Meditation podcast

Founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife team Jesse and Jeane Stern, this podcast uses effective techniques to deepen the experience, which are vital for creating powerful meditation states. They use binaural beats and specific frequencies to also deepen the experience.

Tara Brach Podcast

Renowned psychologist Tara Brach is a well known proponent of Buddhist meditation. She has a wealth of experience and a depth of knowledge that comes over in her online teachings. Her guided meditations are for the more advanced practitioner that wants to understand the deeper aspects of meditation, consciousness and the nature of the human mind as understood through the Buddhist tradition. Tara will help you bring much more spirituality and awareness to your everyday life.

By Annabel Jack
Updated May 2021

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