Speedy yet brilliant podcasts for those hard pushed for time.

It doesn’t take long to nurture the soul, expand the mind and inform oneself more generally, as these brilliant short-form podcasts more than prove. Forget the commute, these are the ones to tune into while you drink a coffee, wait for the bus or get dressed in the morning.

Short, sweet and always enlightening, download them NOW.


Science Underground

A two-minute podcast hosted by TED speaker and scientist Ainissa Ramirez that delves into the science behind topics as diverse as how to help your ketchup hurry up to why snow is white. A brain teaser that is over before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee.

BBC New Summary

Catch up on the latest news headlines with this two-minute world news summary from the BBC. The best way to stay informed on the go.

History in 5 Minutes

From Genghis Khan to Richard the Lionheart to the Black Death, let historian and veteran Middle East journalist Michael Rank fill in the gaps in your history knowledge with 5 minute episodes that look into the most exciting events and personalities in history.


Seven Minute Explainers

This seven-minute podcast from The Week offers insights and explanations into everything you could possibly want or need to know with topics ranging from ‘The Secret History of Cowboy Socialism’ to ‘Why Multi-Vitamins Are Useless’.

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

Tim Harford of the BBC World Service tells fascinating stories of fifty inventions, ideas and innovations which have helped to create the economic world, including the welfare state, the plough, intellectual property and baby formula. Sharp, surprising and under ten minutes.


Song Exploder

A podcast in which musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Coming it at around sixteen minutes per episode, this is ideal for music boffs on a short commute.

The Moth

Real stories, told live and without notes to standing-room-only crowds worldwide. Running since 1997 and a podcast since 2008, this exciting concept introduces audiences to a people both ordinary and extraordinary, but always with a gripping story to tell. Stories range in length from two to fifteen minutes and average around ten.

August 2018