Join Oxfam’s Second-Hand September campaign and pledge to say no to new clothes for thirty days.

Our collective conscience has been pricked for some time by the terrifying message about the landfill we create with our constant purchase of fast fashion. Oxfam rose to the challenge and its Second-Hand September campaign is now a permanent datae in the calendar where we can all pledge not to buy any new clothes for the duration.

They say: “We’ll give you all the fast-fashion facts, second-hand shopping tips and inspiration you need to make your 30 days of no new clothes a breeze. Saying yes to second hand stops great clothes from going to landfill – giving them a longer life.”

The charity has discovered that every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill. And that new clothes bought in the UK produce more carbon emissions per minute than driving a car around the world six times. And that, in one month alone, the emissions from new clothes bought are greater than those from flying a plane around the world 900 times. And that the carbon footprint from the new clothes we buy every year as a nation is more than if all 66 million of us flew to Malta for a holiday.

There is no getting away from it: our love of poorly and unethically made throwaway fashion is putting unsustainable pressure on our planet.

Danny Sriskandarajah, Oxfam’s Chief Executive, says: “These staggering facts about fashion’s impact on the planet and the world’s poorest people should make us all think twice before buying something new to wear.

“We are in a climate emergency. As consumers, it’s in our power to make a real difference. Buying second-hand clothes helps to slow the ferocious fast-fashion cycle, giving garments a second lease of life. By taking part in Oxfam’s Second Hand September, we are also sending a clear message to the clothing industry that we don’t want to buy clothes that harm our planet and the people in it.”

What can you do ?

Reduce your waste – Save great clothes from ending up in landfill.
Reuse by choosing to shop second hand - Every garment that Oxfam sells raises money to fight poverty around the world.
Recycle clothes when you no longer want to wear them. – Don't let your unworn clothes linger at the back of your wardrobe. Give them a new lease of life via an Oxfam shop.
Reinvest by shopping with Oxfam - The message is simple, when you shop at Oxfam you’re supporting communities to stand up and speak out for their right to a fairer and greener future.

Share your second-hand finds

As well as signing up to their pledge, Oxfam is encouraging people to share their second-hand finds or upcycled items on Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #SecondHandSeptember and tagging @oxfamGB.

Take the pledge

It’s time to take inspiration from this incredible charity’s rallying cry: “Oxfam is a global movement of people all working towards the same goal – an end to the injustice of poverty.

“Together we save and rebuild lives in disasters, help people earn a living, and speak out on the big issues, like inequality and climate change, that keep people poor. Join us!”

By Team GWG
Updated August 2021


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