Join the popular annual birdwatch between 26-28 January 2019 and tell the RSPB which birds you've seen.

It is time for this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch, meaning your feathered friends need your attention! If you have any care for nature (and can count) then you should consider taking part. The RSPB have been enlisting the public’s help, once a year, for forty years and counting, providing an essential snapshot of bird activity in each region.


All you have to do is watch the birds in your garden, or in your local park for just one hour; the data you collect will be invaluable to the RSPB and our nation’s avian population.


Your Birdwatch can be done at any time on Saturday 26th to Monday 28th January 2019. There is a recording sheet that you can download to help you, as well as a useful bird identification aid on the RSPB site. Whether you choose to sit quietly with a cup of tea in your garden, or join in one of the many countrywide events – the more people that get involved the better.

Updated January 2019