Plug in and go off-grid with these top travel podcasts – inspiration for your next trip away.

We all dream, sometimes, of quitting our job, packing a bag and escaping it all, but few of us get around to doing it, which is why we love a good travel podcast.

The perfect inspiration for your next trip, these top five downloads combine an intoxicating mix of campfire magic, off-grid escapism and honest insight into the highs and lows of travelling out of one’s comfort zone with tales from adventurers, outdoors enthusiasts and communities around the world.

Plug-in and travel wide.

Travel Tales

Comedian and TV host, Mike Siegal, talks to all manner of guests, each with a travel story to tell. From Pittsburgh to Paraguay, Texas to Greece, this is easy going, entertaining listening with honest insights into the highs and lows of travelling. As one guest says, “by the time you’ve lived through it, it’s just a good story.”
Start with: Leon Logethetis, The Kindness Diaries

The Rough Guide to Everywhere

This series continues to delight but it is well worth downloading the back catalogue too. Hosted by Friendly Rough Guides travel editor Greg Dickinson and Becky Hallett, it has real campside intimacy to it, transporting listeners off-grid to places and communities they could only dream of on the morning commute.
Start with: South Africa: Meet the Black Mambas

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

Hilarious podcast from charismatic flight attendant, Betty, who shares weird (often VERY weird) and wonderful stories from flyers, flight attendants and pilots travelling around the world. So popular, it has been turned into the world’s first podcast-turned-book, or pook.
Start with: Chicken in the Sky

Dirt bag Diaries

Launched in 2007, Dirtbag Diaries began as a solitary experiment by adventurer and climber Fitz Cahall and evolved into a 10 year plus collaboration between writers, photographers, artists, outdoor sports enthusiasts and listeners. Now with over 9 million downloads, this is outdoor storytelling at its finest.

Van Sounds

A totally unique travel podcast hosted by roving multimedia enthusiast Fil Corbitt, Van Sounds publishes shorter weekly and longer monthly ‘audio postcards’ from wherever Fil happens to be. As Fil says, mostly it is about making “cool-sounding atmospheres with good music”.
Start with: Snake in the Grass: Touring the DIY Punk Circuit of South Brazil.

June 2018