Become the manager you want to be with these motivational podcasts about leadership.

Podcasts can amuse us, they can distract us, they can educate us – and they can improve us. Among life’s many minefields is the management of other people. The good news, however, is that leadership can be learned. Forbes magazine recently estimated that the US spends $166 billion a year on leadership development. But you can take matters into your own hands. If your management skills could use a polish, try listening to one of these popular podcasts about leadership.

Leadership And Loyalty

Hailing from Canada, Dov Baron is a bestselling author and one of the world’s best speakers about leadership. He says: ‘Unfortunately, many of those in leadership positions today will never know the true power and value of being an emotional intelligent, authentic leader.’ Unless they listen to his podcast, that is. Now in its eleventh season, this show has been downloaded over two million times. Its guest stars – all prominent leaders themselves – get booked up four months in advance.

Boss Files With Poppy Harlow

In this perky podcast, CNN’s Poppy Harlow speaks to global business leaders about what it takes to rise to the top and stay there. Among the best episodes is the one with the Shake Shack founder, Daniel Meyer, and its CEO, Randy Garutti. In it, they discuss the leadership lessons they’ve learned from each other over the years, as well as the best ways to attract and retain talent.

Coaching For Leaders

Independently produced since 2011, this podcast has been downloaded 10 million times. Founder and host Dave Stachowiak reckons: ‘It’s a myth that leadership skills can’t be learned. Almost nobody is a born leader. Most leaders I know learned how to lead through the school of hard knocks, good training, years of hard work, effective coaching and great mentors.’ His weekly show is aimed specifically at aspirant or existing principals, heads and trailblazers. Aired every Monday, Coaching For Leaders Through inspires through its practical tools and insightful conversations with guests who are passionate about leadership.

The Miss Bossy Boots Podcast

Business leaders Stacey Morgan (who runs a dance school) and Jane Hillsdon (MD of a marketing agency) are motivated, passionate and have high ambitions for their careers. Their fortnightly podcast covers a range of topics that will encourage women to lean in to their positions of leadership in their businesses, communities and industries. The team says: ‘Morgan and Hillsdon were both described as ‘bossy’ when they were little girls. The Miss Bossy Boots Podcast was inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s famous quote, ‘I want every little girl who is told she is bossy, to be instead be told she has leadership skills.’ This podcast is the perfect place to embrace their leadership skills and to interview other inspiring business leaders from a huge range of backgrounds.’

The Women’s Leadership Podcast

Listen in, change your life, change the world. This is the mantra of the celebrated career coach and entrepreneur, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. Her excellent podcast looks at success, advancement and work/life balance for women. It is now in its fourth season, which is called The Heroine’s Journey, a metaphor for the progress of women’s leadership, learning and growth.

Secret Leaders

Promising a collection of irreverent, forward-thinking interviews with the CEOs and founders of some of the most successful businesses in the UK and US right now, Secret Leaders is a wildly popular podcast. Presenters by Dan Murray and Rich Martell ask their guests – who include Alain de Botton, Martha Lane Fox and Jo Malone – probing questions and get instructive answers. One reviewer says: ‘They get great guests, ask tough questions and make us laugh along the way... (this is the) best business podcast out there by a mile!’ Say no more.

The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast

A New York Times bestselling author, coach, speaker and ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church, John Maxwell has sold over 30 million books. He is a big beast in the leadership-coaching world. His podcast – whose episodes are called things like Leading Through Change, Leading a Life of Few Regrets and the Leader’s Greatest Return – inspire millions. He says: ‘I’m all about transformation. That’s why my team and I are committed to providing you the content and resources you need to become your better self. We are all-in on helping you make the right changes that change everything. My name is John, and I’m your friend. I want you to fulfil your potential – I want to help you change the world.’

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February 2020
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