Doctor, doctor. What do you list to? Dr Ian Cole at King Edward VII’s Hospital, shares his favourite podcasts.

Dr Ian Cole qualified from Imperial College London School of Medicine in 2006. He qualified as a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2011, and holds postgraduate qualifications in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Family Planning and Occupational Medicine.

King Edward VII’s Hospital is an independent charitable hospital, offering personalised medical care and world-leading expertise. It was founded in 1899, when Sisters Agnes and Fanny Keyser devoted themselves and their home to sick and wounded officers returning home from the Second Boer War. Today, the Hospital continues their inspirational work by providing subsidised care to veterans of the Armed Forces.

Dr Ian Cole sits on the Medical Committee at King Edward VII's Hospital. The Hospital is dedicated to being a leading provider of personalised patient-centred care. Here, Dr Cole shares some of his favourite medical podcasts that help him stay on top of the latest developments and learn more about the world of medicine.

Dr Cole’s favourite medical podcasts

Legends of Surgery

The history of surgery is long, fascinating, and often one step from the fantastical. This podcast takes an entertaining and informative approach to telling the stories of the people and events that make up the history of modern surgery. Covering topics such as resuscitative thoracotomies, the Bier Block, and inguinal hernias, each episode handles the material in a concise, informative manner, with a focus on the human elements behind stories both famous and unknown.

Inside Health

Hosted by Dr Mark Porter with regular contributions from GP Margaret McCartney, this programme from the BBC is geared towards a wider audience, but there’s still plenty for medical professionals. Porter delves into topics such as the impact of prehabilitation before surgery on recovery, an investigation into CBD oil, and the regulation of home fetal heart monitors.

The BMJ Podcast

The British Medical Journal offers a number of podcasts, but this one might be the best, featuring interviews with opinion leaders and discussions on the issues facing medicine today. Each episode features different medical professionals debating topics such as the sex lives of married Brits, Gypsy and Traveller health, and the counterintuitive effects of loop diuretics.

NEJM This Week

The NEJM This Week podcast brilliantly balances brevity with informative summaries of the weekly New England Journal of Medicine. This makes it ideal for commutes, as well as being a time-efficient way of discovering interesting articles while leaving your hands free to do other things.

The Doctor’s Kitchen

NHS doctor Rupy Aujla started the Doctor’s Kitchen to promote the effects of lifestyle and diet on our health. Rupy is also creating the UK’s first ‘Culinary Medicine’ course, accredited by the Royal College of General Practice, which has the potential to achieve great things! Each episode of this podcast features a guest who explores the effect of diet on different areas, such as the heart, endometriosis, stress, the bladder, and the immune system. This is a medical podcast with a difference, and it’s well worth a listen.

July 2019