The best five podcasts to help you reconnect with your real life.

Are you a slave to technology or its master? As we all become increasingly addicted to our smartphones, finding a balance between our digital lives and our real ones has become a hot topic.

It’s why Silicon Valley executives are sending their kids to analogue schools, why tech giants such as Apple and Google are adding digital health checks to their software, and why we, as consumers, are trying to be more mindful of how and when we use our devices.

Here are some podcasts to help you to find a better balance - just be mindful of when and where you listen to them!

The Digital Human

Aleks Krotoski explores the impact of web on society with episodes examining subjects such as how effected the web is as a confidante and the unforeseen consequences of living a frictionless life online.

Start with: Flawless

The Thrive Global Podcast

Since her own burn-out a few years ago, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington has dedicated much of her career to protecting others from overwork and exhaustion, with ‘digital detox’ a strong theme. Check out her interview-based podcast for more.

Start with: Malcom Gladwell Will Make You Want to Get Off Your Phone ASAP

Digital Mindfulness

Dedicated to facilitating “time-well-spent” digitized experiences in the growing community of developers, businesses and individuals, Digital Mindfulness runs training and events on mindful use of technology and has a great podcast that covers some of the key topics.

Start with: Technology for Mindfulness with Robert Plotkin

Dirtbag Diaries

Born out of a desire to tell stories – think, the best sort of campfire stories – about real-life experiences in wild places around the world, Dirtbag Diaries is perfect inspiration to ditch the phone and go and have some real adventures.

Start with: Escape from Beacon Rock

The Mindful Podcast

Meditation and mindfulness – these are the buzzwords when it comes to reconnecting with real life and The Mindful Podcast helps you to do just that, allowing you to tune back into the small delights of life and become more aware of what is going on around you.

Start with: A 5 Minute Mindful Breathing Practice to Restore Your Attention

December 2018