Fighting to the end, Dame Debbie James launches a campaign to raise money into research for bowel cancer patients.

If the wisdom of Deborah James, also known as Bowelbabe, has not entered your sphere thus far, we can only ask where have you been? Her presence on Instagram, in the BBC podcast, You Me and the Big C, and spearheading the campaign for the awareness of bowel cancer, will leave a searing memory for her many fans and followers on social media.

Deborah James was diagnosed with the disease in December 2016 and told she was unlikely to live beyond five years. She has beaten the prediction and through her strength, honesty, humour and positivity, has given hope to others who have found themselves in a similar place.

Bowelbabe's last hurrah

On Monday 11 May, Debs broke the heartbreaking news, that none of us wanted to hear, that her cancer was no longer being treated and she was receiving hospice care at home, surrounded by her wonderful family. We believe that she's a woman who won't be forgotten in a hurry but Bowelbabe hasn't given up yet, she has other plans. She wants to create a legacy and has set up the Bowelbabe Fund.

Donate to the Bowelbabe Fund

In over twenty-four hours, her JustGiving page had already raised £2 milllion and that figure is rising fast to well over £4 million on Friday morning. It certainly looks like this fundraiser could have a Tom Moore effect and as Debs says, if you're out with friends meeting for a drink or coffee, donate the cost of a drink for Debs. The monies raised will fund clinical trials and research into personalised medication for cancer patients, all with the support of Cancer Research UK. Donate to the fund here.

Bowelbabe made a Dame

On Thursday 12 May, Downing Street issued a statement saying that Deborah had been honoured with a damehood. The Prime Minister said, "Through her tireless campaigning and by so openly sharing her experience, she has not only helped in our fight against this terrible diseases, she has ensured countless others with the Big C have not felt alone."

This honour is so richly deserved and will hopefully provide some comfort to Deborah and her family during these sad days and we hope, spur on even more people to donate to the Bowelbabe Fund.

No Butts Campaign

Debbie isn't a woman who accepted her fate lying down and she is holding the torch for bowel cancer patients to the end. Over the past five years, she has single handedly smashed poo taboos and removed the stigma of bowel cancer with endless doses of humour. A regular visitor on Lorraine promoting the No Butts campaign, she dressed up as a poo, wore big pants but most importantly, broadcast loud and clear what the symptoms and signs of bowel cancer are.

Symptoms and signs of bowel cancer

To find out more about bowel cancer, visit

We send our thoughts to Debs and her family at this incredibly sad time but salute Debs, she is an inspiration. Her courage is legendary. Donate to the Bowelbabe fund now.

May 2022
By Team GWG


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