We’ve prepared the best ideas for birthday cards. This is how to create a beautiful surprise for your loved ones for their next birthday!

Grand gestures are all well and good, but sometimes it is the little things that really cheer up a person’s day. In a world in which so much of our communication happens via digital platforms, sending a card in the post – whether for a birthday, to wish luck or just to tell someone you care about that you’re thinking of them – is all the more touching. For the sender, it is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to brighten someone’s day; for the recipient, it is unutterably cheering to know that a friend, family member or colleague is wishing them well. Cards sent by snail mail are the simplest and often most appropriate way to express the gamut of human emotions, from joy at a new baby to sympathy for a loss, allowing us to connect on a more personal level with those dear to us – and this is all the more true if the card in question is handmade. After all, who doesn’t enjoy waking up on their birthday to a doormat laden with brightly-coloured cards to tear open? We present our best birthday card ideas, whether it's first birthday card ideas or 100th.

Best Handmade Birthday Cards Ideas

It is a wonderful thing to receive a card as a gesture that someone you know is thinking of you on your special day. A handmade card goes a few steps further still. Even more personal, not only does it show that you have spent the time to create something you think they will love, but it means you can also tailor the message absolutely to the recipient. After all, not every birthday that is significant to you is necessarily an official ‘milestone’ one. Whether you are making a card with children or solo, it can prompt a fun craft session – and chances are, the lucky person for whom the card is intended will keep it forever, meaning that not only will it brighten their day, but it will continue to do so every time they look at it. Here are a few sweet and easy-to-make creative handmade birthday card ideas for best friends, family and beyond.

Ice Cream Cone

Georgeann Manning/ Stampin’ Royalty
Who doesn’t love ice-cream on their birthday? Choose some lovely sherbert colours to make it extra sweet, and try layering in a couple of different textures if you can. Pile it high, and do add a final flourish, whether in the form of a wafer or a cherry. Discover how to make it here.

Pop Up Birthday Cake Card

Jennifer Maker
For advanced crafters who want to seriously impress, why not have a go at this pop-up birthday cake card? The beauty is that you can choose the colours you love most – and it’s guaranteed to elicit a delighted reaction. It takes a little longer than the average homemade card. But if you have the time, we think this 3D number is totally worth it. Discover how to make it here.

Washi Tape Birthday Card

Omiyage Blogs
Who wouldn’t love this graphic, colour-popping birthday candle card, which is made with washi tape? We say the brighter the better. Discover how to make it here.

For more handmade card ideas, visit Gifts.com here.

Best Birthday Cards Ideas For Kids

If you’re looking for birthday card ideas for kids and can’t find one that’s exactly what you want to convey, why not try making your own? For kids, creating a card is fun, keeps them occupied and is more satisfying than buying one off the shelves at the local bookshop or supermarket – after all, where’s the fun in that? For a whole generation of children, this year will marks a long-awaited resumption of birthday parties after a two-year pandemic-induced hiatus, so it makes sense to make this one extra special with a handmade missive, whether from a classmate or a doting aunt or uncle. From birthday cards for two-year-olds all the way up to birthday cards for nine-year-olds and well beyond, here are three handmade birthday card ideas for a best friend, whether a girl or a boy.

Flower Button Card

The Best Ideas For Kids
If you have a big stash of buttons in fun colours amidst your craft supplies, what could be more cheery or simple than to make than these jolly flower-button cards? It’s a perfect project for really little ones right through to their older siblings, and the great thing is that you can switch up the colours depending on the season. All you’ll need is buttons, coloured card, scissors, glue and green foam sheet. Cute as a button. Discover how to make it here.

3D Unicorn Card

Red Ted Art
There are few little ones that don’t adore a unicorn. Imagine their delight then when they open a pop-up card that contains not only a 3D unicorn, but a rainbow one at that. It looks super impressive but, as Red Ted Art insists, it is actually super simple (in other words, ideal). You will need card stock; A4 sheet of white paper; some coloured paper scraps (or use pens to decorate some white paper); some gold paper (or use silver foil or make your unicorn horn pink!); glue stick; bakers twiner for hanging; and pens for decorating. Discover how to make it here.

Rainbow Birthday Cake

I’m In Haven
How delicious does this rainbow cake look? As blogger, I’m In Haven, writes, ‘I pulled out all my coloured glittery paper, cut strips from each colour, plus really thin strips of watercolour paper (looked more like a vanilla colour and was slightly textured) as well as a rounded triangle and thicker strip for the frosted outside of the cake from the same watercolour paper. I adhered all the strips onto a separate piece of card stock and after adhering the outside triangle and strip, I put post it notes on the coloured strips to keep them clean, then spread some white embossing paste on the outside strip and triangle top. After letting the paste dry, I popped up the cake piece after adding a Lawn Fawn sentiment.’ Fun, simple and ideal for a child’s birthday. Discover how to make it here.

For more handmade kids’ cards ideas, visit Artsy Crafty Mom here.

Best Birthday Card Ideas For Moms

There is no one more likely to appreciate your efforts when it comes to homemade card making than your mum – and that goes for whether you’re five or fifty years old. She will doubtless treasure the results of your labours, most likely forever. Unlike the rest of her pile of well-wishes that will go on display for a week or so, a handmade one is likely to be left, affixed by magnet to the fridge, for far longer – and that’s only if she doesn’t frame it. For most of us, making a card is a wonderful opportunity to say thanks for all that she does. Here are three birthday card ideas for mum.

Galloping Horse Card

Cardmaking Collective
If you want to strike a mesmeric and even slightly mystical note for your mum, this marble-effect card, featuring a beautiful galloping horse, is just the thing. There’s no need to marble the paper yourself (although extra points if you do). Simply pick up some patterned paper from the art supplies shop and go. If your mum would love this but isn’t into horses, simply change the motif.
Discover how to make it here.

Wrapped Present Card

Cardmaking Collective
Simple, sweet and easy to make, even if you’re pushed for time (who isn’t?), this card would work beautifully for a mum. Do ensure to choose her favourite colours – and why not slip in a handmade voucher for a fun experience the two of you can have together?
Discover how to make it here.

Fairy Godmother Card

Cardmaking Collective
Is your mother so saintly she’s basically a fairy godmother? Are you looking for hand drawn birthday card drawing ideas? This one is just the thing for such magical mammas. As the Cardmaking Collective blog says, ‘The central focus of this cool birthday card idea for your mother is the beautiful hand-drawn skirt on the figure. I have kept the body fairly simple so that the skirt can stand out on its own. The skirt was drawn with the brush end of a copic marker and a white paint pen was used to add some sparkle. I had originally intended to use glitter for the sparkle however, I didn't have the right colour when it came to making the card. The DIY border is made from glittery washi tape cut down the middle with some decorative zig-zag scissors.’ Ideal for those pondering what to draw in a birthday card. A hint: do this. Discover how to make it here..

For more handmade cards for mum ideas, visit Cardmaking Collective here.

Best Birthday Card Ideas For Dads

Everyone knows that their materfamilias will unequivocally adore a homemade card on their birthday – but don’t forget your dad on his big day! Your dear paterfamilias will, similarly, hold onto cards that you have made – not just for now but through the years. Why not take some of the templates from the mum cards and then add a dad-specific message inside? The Spruce Eats is full of birthday card ideas for dad when it comes to the message – from the funny to the sentimental. On the former front, The Spruce suggests silly puns and sports-related humour (think: ‘You did a grape job raisin me. Happy birthday!’; or ‘When is a birthday cake like a golf ball? When you slice it.’) On the latter, it suggests keeping the message simple, heartfelt – and specific. For this it recommends sweet notes, such as, ‘I hope you have the best birthday ever. Let’s go on a camping trip again this summer!’ or ‘Wishing you a happy birthday this year and always. I love you.’ What father wouldn’t love to tear open a card containing such filial adoration? Favourite child status guaranteed. Or you could just stick with ‘Happy birthday to a dad who’s smart, funny and good looking, from a child who inherited all your best qualities.’ Get more ideas from The Spruce here.

Best Birthday Card Ideas For Friends

Are you going to a friend’s party soon (thank god those are a thing again)? Why not stand out from the crowd by knocking up one of these birthday card ideas for friends. Whether you’re looking for birthday cards for female friends or male, they’ll be mightily impressed by the effort taken to create something unique that reflects your friendship. You could choose to go sophisticated or you could choose to go downright silly. The most important thing is that your card reflects your friendship and speaks of your affection. Why not try these three ideas?

Candy Gram Birthday Card

Who Arted
Does the birthday girl or boy have a really sweet tooth? Then why not knock them up a Candy Gram? There is a free template you can download to make it extra easy – plus, it’s a great excuse to eat sweets and collect the wrappers. Win all round. Discover how to make it here

DIY Pressed Flower Prints

Free People
Pressing flowers is a sweet, free and easy way of decorating a card, particularly if it is intended for a nature-lover. You do need to do this a few days ahead, so no last-minute prep with this one, but with some forethought, this will make a really touching greetings card to be treasured forever. Top tip: Dye your card with coffee for a vintage-style feel.
Discover how to make it here

Harry Potter Birthday Card

Country Scrap
Everyone knows a Potterhead who has read the full series a dozen times. This card is for them – and the good news is that there is even a printable template to make it super easy (though you can of course do it yourself if you’re looking for birthday card drawing ideas). Fifty points to whichever aspirant Gryffindor makes this cool creation. Discover how to make it here.

For more handmade cards for friends ideas, visit Dodo Burd here.


Homemade and heartfelt is always appreciated the most and treasured the longest. Your crafty efforts will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, and you can make something that truly reflects your relationship with the intended recipient. Take the above as a starting point from which to make your very own personal ideas and then give them in person or via snail mail for a truly personal touch in an increasingly digitised world.

By Nancy Alsop

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