Have you caught the Wordle bug? Now let your little grey cells loose on these brain-teasing word games too.

Are you well and truly hooked on Wordle? The refreshingly simple five-letter word game from Welsh software engineer, Josh Wardle, was created for his puzzle-loving partner in lockdown; so successful was it that it was subsequently snapped up for a seven-figure sum by the New York Times. We’ve rounded up some equally wordy options for you to try for when one brain teaser a day just isn’t enough.


The same premise as Wordle, but each guess you make populates four-word grids, not just one - so with each five-letter guess, you are trying to work out four different words, all using the same letters. You might get nine guesses instead of six on Wordle, but this game takes multi-tasking to the next level. For ninja Wordle players only. Play it here.


The calming music, naturescape wallpapers and visual word mapping makes Wordscapes almost meditative. Simply use your finger to join up letters in a wheel to spell out hidden words in the puzzle grid. There’s no limit to the attempts or levels you can do in a day, so be warned – it’s addictive! Play it here.


Imagine a tiny crossword and a Rubik’s cube had a baby… Waffle is a grid with all the letters you need to complete the puzzle, just in the wrong places. The drag and drop format allows you to shuffle the letters around until you get the green light (right letter, right position) or amber (right letter, wrong position) in each word, vertically and horizontally. Oh, and did we mention you only get 15 swap attempts? But Waffle says each puzzle can be done in ten… Find out for yourself by playing it here.

Cross Wordle

A simple two-line grid crossword of two, six-letter words to guess. Work out the common letter where they intersect and, as a helpful hint, the letters will turn red if you’ve already tried that letter in that spot, so you don’t waste a guess. Play it here.


Wordle just got interactive. Squabble is a fast-paced online gaming version of Wordle, where you can play with strangers, or set up a private group with friends. With each incorrect guess you lower your ranking and it’s the ‘last man standing who wins’. Play against up to 99 other players for a survival of the fittest-style battle. Perfect for competitive wordsmiths. Play it here.

Star Wordle

You guessed it: Wordle, but using a dictionary of five-letter words relating to Star Wars. Start with ‘Darth’ and ‘Vader’, and go from there. A fun twist on the traditional version for movie buffs. Play it here.

Hello Wordl

Exactly the same premise as Wordle but, if you’re ready to up the stakes, you can choose the length of your words, all the way up to 11-letters. A great way of stretching your brain if you’re already a Wordle pro. Play it here.

Custom Wordle

If you are sending your Wordle guess maps back and forward with friends each day, chances are you’ll love Custom Wordle, which allows you to send friends and family your own customised word puzzle. Take it in turns to choose your hidden word (this version allows you to choose longer words too), then send the shareable link and see who cracks your code first. Play it here.


A bonus game, Nerdle is Wordle… but with numbers. Players try and guess an eight-number equation, containing a mix of numbers and symbols, with the same green/amber clues to show if you’re on the right track. To make it even trickier the numbers have to be in the exact right order, even if they add up to the correct answer. If you’re more a numbers person, you may have just found your daily puzzle fix. Play it here.

By Lydia Mansi
March 2022

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