Look after mind, body and soul with this crop of must-listen podcasts.

‘Whole-being health’ has become the new wellness catchphrase in the past year. Maintaining our physical health is no longer enough, it seems; these days, the onus is on paying attention to our mental, emotional and spiritual health in balance as the key to unlocking an all-round sense of wellbeing. It may feel like a lot of self-care balls to juggle, especially if you struggle to just keep on top of your fitness regime. But these inspiring health podcasts will help you make daily habit changes to keep your whole health in peak condition.

Stronger Minds

From expert chartered psychologist Kimberley Wilson, Stronger Minds cuts through the noise around mental health to give real – and qualified! – advice on how to keep your brain as healthy as possible. She covers food and nutrition, psychology, lifestyle and mental habits right through to debating the big ideas with eloquence and passion. Listen in here.

Ted Talks Health

These weekly pods come in under 10 minutes and are the perfect bite-size listens that will keep you thinking long past the stop button. Inspiring lectures on topics from menopause to memory, from some of the world’s leading scientists, doctors and lecturers. Great for on-the-go. Listen in here.

Unlocking Us

If you are yet to listen to a podcast episode from author and vulnerability researcher, Brené Brown, you are in for a treat. Drawing you in right from her intro, episodes of Unlocking Us feel raw and honest, covering the most visceral of human emotions through frank conversations with friends and peers on fear, self-doubt, trauma, race and love. Listen in here.

Open Minds With Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge has been vocal about her own mental health experiences, from ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ since openly discussing talking anti-depressants in the media in 2017. Since then she has launched her own platform, the Open Minds podcast, to invite guests to share their own journeys in the hope that it opens up the conversations and addresses the stigma around our country’s mental health crisis. Listen in here.

Happy Place

TV darling Fearne Cotton has become the poster girl for wellbeing with her signature warm, inviting, no airs style of interviewing. Listening in feels like a chat with mates about all aspects of wellbeing and mental health – except those mates are the likes of Paloma Faith, Tom Daley and Dawn French. A great normaliser that encourages listeners to start their own conversations and normalise mental health discussion. Listen in here.

Happier by Gretchen Rubin

From no. 1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin co-hosts the ‘Happier’ podcast with her sister, TV writer and producer Elizabeth Craft. Together, they share easy-to-implement ideas, happiness hacks, manageable methods and infectious tips to boost your happiness, every day. Listen in here.

Feel Better, Live More

Rangan Chatterjee’s ‘Feel Better, Live More’ podcast has all the bedside manner you’d expect from an experienced GP, with a healthy dose of personal insight, passion and 360-approach to health. Complimenting his Four Pillars Plan book, he takes a holistic view by discussing anxiety, nutrition, fitness, sleep and emotions. Expect the full gamut of wellbeing topics, all the while dispelling myths and debunking the science. Listen in here.

By Lydia Mansi
July 2021

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