The column inches and airtime given lately to the demise of Neighbours is proof if any were needed of our national obsession with the television.

Recent research, reported by the website CyberCrew, shows that: in the summer of 2020, 15 million UK homes had at least one Netflix account; the average UK family spends £444 a year on TV services; and at the end of 2019, there were only 1.59 million households in the UK without a TV set. Yup, we Brits love our TV.

If you want to make sure you’re spending your time in front of the box wisely, though, here is what we think you should watch.

Inventing Anna


Those in the know have awaited this new Netflix drama, about the true story of ‘fake heiress’ Anna Delvey, with bated breath. Delvey always wanted to be famous and conned New York society, banks and hotels into believing she was a wealthy German socialite. That is, until she was arrested, found guilty of multiple counts of financial fraud and imprisoned. The BBC says Inventing Anna “manages to be both brashly, glossily entertaining and knottier, more complex fare than it first appears”. An added bonus is that Anna Chlumsky stars – remember her from My Girl? Watch it here.

Keeping Up With The Aristocrats

Keeping Up With The Aristcrats

Stay with us, we aren’t joking. This three-episode series has something for everyone. Worst case scenario: you will enjoy laughing at a rollocking bunch of toffs. Better outcome: you will spot in this endearing crew strong relationships, an exemplary work ethic and an admirable desire to keep Britain’s great treasures in good nick. Even The Guardian has nice things to say: ‘Pure escapism – what would it be like to have won life’s lottery and spend your days wandering round a Georgian mansion being a second cousin of Prince Charles (like Lord Ivar Mountbatten) or the 400-year-old, 126-room sprawl of Carlton Towers like Lord Gerald Fitzalan-Howard (brother of the Duke of Norfolk and related to most of the people you read about in Philippa Gregory novels).’ Watch it here.



Starring Erin Doherty, whom we first met playing Princess Anne in The Crown, this six-part thriller shines a light on social media and its darkest dangers. When lonely misfit Becky becomes obsessed with an influencer called Chloe and assumes a fake identity to access her world, she plunges herself into a situation she cannot control. The Telegraph calls it: ‘A thrilling Vanity Fair update for the vainest of generations.’ Watch it here.

Pam And Tommy

Disney Plus

Based on a 2014 article in Rolling Stone magazine, this compelling biographical miniseries charts the relationship between the Baywatch darling Pamela Anderson and her scary rock star husband, Tommy Lee. The show focuses on the fallout that occurred, and particularly hurt Anderson, when a sex tape filmed on their honeymoon was leaked to the press. It took three hours each day to turn Lily James, who acts with astonishing flair, into Pammy. The Mail says: ‘James manages to deliver a layer of sweetness and self-awareness that rings true; hers is no hammy Pammy.’ Watch it here.

The Sinner, Season Four


If you haven’t caught any of this Netflix original Golden Globe-wining series, now in its fourth season, consider it a gift from us to you. Bill Pullman, the only member of the cast who appears in every season, plays a flawed but loveable police detective investigating crimes committed by a mixed bag of staggeringly troubled (and generally very beautiful) citizens in upstate New York and, later, Maine. Jessica Biel stars in season one and is an executive producer throughout. Watch it here.


Amazon Prime

It has been hard to miss the promotional hype surrounding this excellent documentary. Anyone who is anyone in football features in it. David Beckham describes Wayne Rooney as ‘one of the best players this country has ever had’; his long-suffering wife Coleen admits he shouldn’t be allowed out alone; and the great man himself speaks with staggering candour about the demons that explain everything. Pure gold. Watch it here.

By Becky Ladenburg
February 2022

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