Get motivated for that beach body, yes it's never too early to start thinking about it, with this motivational round-up of podcasts.

Finding the motivation to become fit, strong and healthy should be a year-round goal – not just a last minute panic every time a beach holiday looms (guilty).

Fortunately for work-out phobes (guilty again), there is now a plethora of brilliant motivational podcasts for all those reluctant runners, slothful cyclists and tentative trainers out there.

Here are our top five.

The Daily Boost

We’re not quite sure how a nine-minute daily podcast can make such a difference to our sense of general well being, but it does. With over 25 million downloads since its launch in 2006, we credit ‘Chief Motivating Officer’ Scott Smith, who manages to hit the nail on the motivational head Every. Single. Episode. Don’t miss out. Start your day here.
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Described by one reviewer as “the perfect pod to break a sweat to,” Podrunner is produced by San Francisco Bay DJ, Steve Boyett, providing free music mixes (mostly house, funk or trance) for all manner of tempo based workouts with the goal of being “a partner to your workout, not a distraction from it.” Watch out for the dedicated programmes for 5k, 8k and 10k runners.

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Food for Fitness

If you are serious about finding nutrition, fitness and healthy living strategies (while achieving the body you have always hoped for), Food for Fitness with host Scott Baptie - and guests including sports scientists and doctors - is a great download for your workout, providing evidence-based advice on everything from cholesterol and body image to training and healthy eating for kids.
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The Body and the Beast

Humourous, down to earth and honest, The Body and the Beast covers mindfulness, fitness and the achievement of other life goals in a podcast that provides gentle listening for exercise or general background motivation as you go about your day. Did we mention that one of its hosts is a top fitness model?
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The Guardian Guide to Running (Beginner)

Combining killer music with motivational interludes by a persuasive yet anonymous voice, this eight-week podcast series from The Guardian is ideal for beginner runners or those coming back to it after a break, offering steady consul and guidance as you improve your fitness stamina and overall wellbeing while working towards a no-breaks running goal of 30 minutes.
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July 2018