Essential listening for curious minds: Tom Marchant recommends ten of the best, with something for everyone.

There’s something so exciting about discovering a new podcast that grips you. The commute, the dog walk, the housework are all infinitely more enjoyable when you can listen to a brilliant podcast. We asked Tom Marchant, co-founder of travel company Black Tomato, to share his definitive list of his most favourite podcasts that you should download; there’s a bit of crime, a bit of history and a spot of humour… something for everyone’s phone.

The Thread
Bringing history to life, this podcast is brilliant story telling around momentous events.

Our Americana
This podcast shares amazing stories from characters around the US.

National Geographic Weekend

Hosted by Boyd Matson, this weekly talk show has interviews with fascinating explorers and scientists from all over the world.

The Moth
This podcast is just great stories, some funny, others eye-opening, all true.

How I Built This

This American podcast is about fascinating stories behind iconic companies and brands.

This independent podcast shares fascinating stories often routed in criminal activity but sometimes, it’s just a fascinating insight into human life.

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
Created by Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, this podcast looks at how entrepreneurs make their companies grow.

Harvard Business Review Ideacast
This weekly, brilliant insight into business challenges, strategy and opportunities transfixes listeners.

Dirty John

This true-crime thriller podcast by Wondery was a nail biter. Now time to watch the adapted television series.

This horrifying six-episode podcast tells the true story about a charming but killer surgeon.

Before you go… take a gander at Black Tomato’s new video ‘Come with us’ that shows Tom’s team’s rare and life-enhancing travel experiences. ‘When we created Black Tomato, we wanted to create a travel company with a difference, that stood out from the rest – this is reflected in the trips we create, as well as the way we market ourselves to our audience’, says Tom Marchant. ‘Through the means of this video content (and what will follow) we want to bring our stories to life, tap into our own personal experiences of the world around us and just show people that we really understand them. We’ve always focused on authenticity and honesty, and it’s this approach that has helped us build trusted relationships with our clients – so Come with us really shows people how much we’re wanting them to join our journey and to experience the world through our eyes.’

September 2018