Meet LoveJunk, the app that makes bulky waste collection quicker, simpler and more affordable.

As spring hits its full stride and we emerge, bleary-eyed, from a very long lockdown, many of us will be struck by an urge to declutter. Having spent spent more time inside our houses over the course of this past year than at any other point in our lives, the experience has, for some, sparked an urge to strip away the extra and Marie Kondo the place like a pro. For others, it has done the opposite, instead spelling an accrual of extra stuff, thanks to a newfound addiction to online shopping just to break up the monotony.

Either which way, many of us are currently living with sizeable amounts of rubbish awaiting removal. Enter, then, LoveJunk. Available on the App Store or Google Play, the free-to-download app is an online marketplace for finding the cheapest licensed local service registered on the platform for the collection, disposal or reuse of bulky waste. Developed and created by the founders of the multi award-winning, AnyJunk, 2019’s GWG Website of the Year, it represents a time- and money-saving win for the consumer, as well as for local economies – and the environment too. Genius, right?

So, How Does It Work?

Most of us are well-acquainted with eBay. LoveJunk operates on a similar – if, typically, speedier – basis. When you have something that you need to clear – whether trade or DIY waste, bulky household items, gardening waste or bin clearance – simply snap a picture of it and then post a listing on the app, along with a price you’d be willing to pay for its removal and your chosen collection time. If you’re unsure about what a realistic price to list your items might be, do check out this handy gallery of items, which provides a useful benchmark.

The average response time to listings is just 50 seconds, at which point local waste collectors will begin to bid for the job until a price is agreed. Next, your local waste collector will come and pick up; and a fully secure integrated payment system ensures that payment happens seamlessly via the app. Finally, LoveJunkers can expect to receive detailed information about the items’ responsible disposal, which will only ever happen at verified facilities.

Why Use LoveJunk?

The speed, convenience and effectiveness alone are motive enough to use LoveJunk. However, there is a reason that the five-star rated app, which has been downloaded over 10,000 times, is recommended by many – and growing numbers – of London councils. For not only are collection prices typically 25 to 50 per cent cheaper than the average, it is also the more sustainable option.

Whereas with unscheduled waste collection, at least one in three items listed on LoveJunk is passed on for re-use. This is in stark contrast to standard practices with which, too often, perfectly serviceable items are sent to landfill. Plus, by keeping things local, LoveJunk cuts out unnecessary miles, thus reducing both carbon emissions and the price – all thanks to its smart technology.

Cheaper, quicker and more sustainable: what’s not to love about this way to dispose of your junk?

By Nancy Alsop
March 2021

Jason Mohr of AnyJunk, Website of the Year 2019
Jason Mohr
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