As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine unfolds, these organisations are looking for donations to help the Ukrainian people.

As the war in Ukraine escalates, the rest of the world watches, near-universally united in horror at the unprovoked incursion. Aside from offering gestures of solidarity on social media channels, it is hard to know how we can do anything meaningful to help. As Ukrainian civilians from the ages of 18 to 60 take up arms against the powerful aggressor and President Zelenskyy heroically leads his nation, we may feel powerless individually, but there are ways in which we can help – chiefly by giving money to organisations best placed to help on the ground.

Donate to Ukraine

These eight charities are doing excellent and vital work and could really use everything and anything you can spare.

Red Cross Ukraine

As people in Ukraine lose their homes and their lives, families are being separated and access to the essentials, such as water and healthcare, is harder to access. The Red Cross carries out vital humanitarian work – and has been doing so in Ukraine for the last eight years; its aid workers, then, have a deep understanding of the conflict and of the region. Your donation could help people access food, water, first aid, medicine, warm clothes or shelter. Donate here.

Disasters Emergency Committee

Disasters Emergency Committee brings together fifteen leading UK aid charities, raising funds to quickly and effectively respond to overseas disasters. Its Ukraine appeal will be match-funded pound for pound by the UK Government up to the sum of £20 million. With a projected four million people to be displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, bear in mind that £30 could provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month, £50 could provide blankets for four families and £100 could provide emergency food for two families for one month. Make your support go even further and donate here.

Sunflower of Peace

The mission of Sunflower of Peace’s fundraiser is to provide tactical first aid backpacks for paramedics and doctors on the front line. As they explain, ‘Each backpack has the ability to save up to 10 lives: these backpacks are designed for a second level of medical care in terms of combat action, according to the standards of tactical medicine (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), namely the level of paramedics, arrow-sanitary department. The backpack's contents are specially designed to be used by highly skilled military combat groups - marines, special forces units and intelligence. These groups operate in areas without access to MedicalFacilities or Emergency Care. Therefore, it's crucial that each combat group have a soldier capable of acting as a medic on the spot.’ You can donate here.

Voices of Children

War is universally devastating, but for children it is all the more so. Voices of Children supports children affected by war in eastern Ukraine. Its aim is to ‘provide psychological and psychosocial support to children’ living through armed conflict. They say, ‘We help families to cope with everyday difficulties, treatment and rehabilitation of children, giving an individual support. To give children a voice we create a video content, and we are also engaged in promoting children rights in order to change the children’s rights protection system in the country. Our objective is that every child who has suffered from the war in Ukraine must get psychological help in time.’ You can donate via PayPal here.

International Rescue Committee

The war in Ukraine is not new, having been waged over the past eight years. In that time, the International Rescue Committee has been on the ground in Poland, helping the 850,000 displaced people and the three million who have required humanitarian aid. Now, as the war escalate dramatically, its help is all the more necessary. Working with partners in the Ukraine, it aims to ‘quickly mobilise resources that will provide life-saving support to civilians forced to flee their homes.’ Donate here.

#HelpUkraine Emergency Appeal

This newly established appeal was created by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain in direct response to the war. All donations will be distributed to accredited Ukrainian charities who will provide medicine, food and essential aid. Money raised will also be used to buy blankets and hygiene packages for displaced people. Donate via GoFundMe here.

Revived Soldiers of Ukraine

This charity’s mission is to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukrainian soldiers, whose number just increased dramatically, and their families. You can donate here.


UNFPA has been working in the Ukraine for decades, ‘expanding access to reproductive health services to some of the hardest-to-reach people.’ Now, as war escalates, it is redoubling its efforts to provide essential medicines, supplies and services to women and girls, pregnant women and new-borns in Ukraine. You can donate here.


This new appeal comes from The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to send more resources to Ukraine’s neighbours who are taking refugees in in their hundreds of thousands. You can donate here.

Write To Your MP

Additional ways to help include writing to your MP to lobby for further sanctions, as well as to demand that the UK government waive visa requirements for Ukrainian refugees to join their families in the UK. Find out how Find out how here.

Use Social Media

Social media can also be a powerful way to help affect change; write to Home Secretary Priti Patel on Twitter to show your support for waiving Ukrainian visas here.

By Nancy Alsop
March 2022


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