The people of Afghanistan are facing a desperate situation. These are the quick links to the charities that need your support to get help out on the ground

As the world looks on aghast as the crisis in Afghanistan escalates, you can't but think what we, as individuals, can do to help. However far removed we may feel, in our comfortable homes and secure lives, the thought of having your freedom ripped away overnight and the ensuing fear is utterly terrifying.

There are organisations and charities aplenty helping Afghanistan and its people and they need your help now, donations to get aid on the ground to the people who need it. But if you give money, you want to be sure that the aid will go directly into the hands of the people who have lost their homes, don't have food or access to clean water.

How to help Afghanistan

Help isn't all about money. Showing your support and getting actively engaged in the conversation is a great start.

Lobby your MP

Urge government to welcome refugees from Afghanistan.

Sign petitions

There are a number of petitions on that need your signature and support. We should follow Canada's lead and call on the government to resettle at 20,000 Afghan refugees, and more over time. Sign the petition here.

Aid is expected to reduce by around 20% as pre-existing pledges will not be met by the now defunct Afghan government.

Donate to Afghanistan

As the situation deteriorates and the Afghanistan crisis unfolds further, these are the charities and fundraisers that need your help.


Afghanaid delivers ‘emergency support to families whose lives have been destroyed or uprooted by conflict.’ The charity is distributing kitchen kits so families can cook and store food safely, as well as solar-powered lamps, stoves and gas cylinders. Click here to donate.

The Halo Trust

This charity, supported by The Times and The Sunday Times, who are actively asking their readers to donate, has been clearing landmines and explosive devices in Afghanistan since 1988. It has been told by the Taliban that it can continue to do this life-saving work. Click here to donate.


The International Rescue Committee is aiming to raise $10 million so its team can deliver lifesaving aid across the country. Click here to donate.

The British Red Cross

The British Red Cross has launched a crisis appeal to offer Afghans basic medical supplies and medicines as well as food, shelter and water. Click here to donate.

Turquoise Mountain Trust

Turquoise Mountain Trust is a Scottish charity that provides vocational training, primary schools and healthcare services. Backed by former MP Rory Stewart, you can donate via Crowdfunder. Click here to donate.

Women for Women

Women ahd their freedom look to be taking the brunt of the new Taliban regime and this American charity hitherto has provided support to protect the rights of women and girls in the region. Click here to donate.

Vital Voices

This American charity invests in women leaders. Its Afghan appeal, Voices Against Violence Initiative and Urgent Assistance Fund aims ‘to get immediate support out to women activists in Afghanistan on the frontlines of change and to ensure that survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and harmful practices have better access to services, protection and the justice they deserve.’ Click here to donate.


Unicef gives support on the ground to vulnerable children and their families who are in urgent need of food, water and medical supplies. £43 would provide a family with an emergency water and hygiene kit. The charity says, ‘Help us reach every child in danger. Please donate now to protect children in Afghanistan.’ Click here to donate.

Save The Children


Save the Children has worked in Afghanistan since 1976, reaching over 1.6 million Afghans in 2020. It is committed to continue its life-saving work and protecting children. Click here to donate.

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