Parent Survival Alert: Our fave ten sites to make the long school holidays easier.

We can all be forgiven for carrying a tiny amount of fear in our hearts about the school holidays. Sure, there are upsides. The thought of freckled children guzzling ice creams and leaping through sprinklers for days on end is a dreamy one. But there are downsides, too. There’s the rain, the complaints of boredom, the sweaty ferrying from tennis camp to cricket club. Take a deep breath – and relax. For, whether you are hitting the beach or staying put, we’ve rounded up the sites that will help you all make the most of the summer holidays.

Jelly and Ice Cream

Want to chill out safe in the knowledge that your children are safe and having a ball? Jelly and Ice Cream provides excellent childcare services in the Alps, St Tropez, Mallorca and Menorca.

Little Cooks

You won’t mind all the extra thinking about food, shopping for it and cooking required in the holidays if you weave it all into a fun activity to do with them. Check out these healthy kits, delivered to your door.


This one sounds too good to be true – but it isn’t. Forward your hotel, flight, car rental and restaurant confirmation emails to TripIt, and they will devise a foolproof itinerary for your holiday – leaving no room for tiny tantrums or grown-up gripes.

Tots Too

Award-winning specialists in luxury family holidays, these guys will make sure that your holiday ticks all of your boxes and your kids’ ones, too.

Like Minders

Whether you want help at home or abroad, this is a brilliant website for temporary nanny placements. London’s swanky Dorchester Hotel relies on them for last-minute bookings. If it’s good enough for them...


It’s just as important to get your children’s summer reading lined up as it is to get your own (not least because it might secure you a few moments of peace). The BookTrust’s inspired, thematic reading lists for children are a great help.

Crafty Wrens

They are at home, still, the rain is pouring and you’re all out of ideas for ways to amuse them. Call on Crafty Wrens, purveyors of clever, educational craft kits for kids of all ages.

Bows + Arrows

None of their shorts fit, the elastic’s gone in their swimming costumes and they could really do with one good summer outfit, right? This exquisite website showcases the best of the high street as well as independent labels. Look no further for gorgeous kids’ clothes.

Wild Swimming

Are you the sort of mother who just happens to know of an enchanting little stretch of river where sweaty broods can frolic and cool off? No? Well, now you can be.

Sugarella Cooks

The greatest treat of them all is to leave the cooking to someone else entirely (at least for a bit of the holidays). If you’re in splash-out mode, these guys are the ones to call.

June 2018