Dr Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, founder of Lumity, on how she created supplements that naturally stimulate the body’s defences to achieve optimum health.

When Sara Palmer Hussey, a Cambridge-educated research scientist, began to notice her energy decline in her mid-thirties, as well as a weakening in her immune system, she was well-equipped and better placed than most – which is to say, in the lab – to take action. Seeking a solution and to feel better, she duly set about creating nutrient-rich supplements that would have a perceptible effect, and make people feel and look better.

As she explains, ‘'Multi-vitamins aimed at ageing support were formulated around possible deficiencies, but were not really targeted at supporting the ways in which the body itself counterbalances ageing through protection, repair and cellular efficiency. I wanted to create a supplement that took its lead from the body, that came in a natural, easily absorbable format, free from the usual fillers, coatings, binding agents and preservatives in other supplements, and, most importantly, delivered real benefits.’

Here she tells us how Lumity’s products – which have a loyal, devout and stellar following – work to restore a natural glow – inside and out.

Can you tell us a little about Lumity: its central tenets and what lead you to create it?

Lumity was originally formulated for women like me. That is to say, those who have so much on their plate that, although they would love to integrate many healthy habits into their routine (daily yoga, meditation, relaxing baths, HIIT sessions, green juicing, etc), they’re rarely able to make room. Lumity is a low-commitment, high-quality support for your health that offers disproportionate returns in terms of looking and feeling your best every day. That’s what I needed and that’s what Lumity offers.

What was your background, prior to Lumity?

Prior to Lumity, I was researching ageing, but also weight management and degenerative diseases, so I had a broader spectrum view on ageing that encompassed topics such as insulin resistance, inflammation, glycation, cellular energy decline, hormonal decline, psychoneuroimmunology and gut health, as well as the usual suspects in the ageing paradigm that include DNA damage, free radicals, telomere length and cellular debris.

How do Lumity supplements differ from off-the-shelf varieties?

The anti-ageing supplements I saw on the market were formulated from a very different perspective from what I had learnt to be true: that is, that the body thrives when we respect its need for balance and its natural rhythms and cycles. Taking megadoses of antioxidants does not reverse ageing. In fact, it targets just one cause of ageing: namely oxidative damage, principally caused by free radicals. It is an unbalanced approach that doesn’t take into account all the other factors of ageing in the body and, therefore, cannot offer tangible results.

Lumity takes its lead from the body and supports all the ways in which the body itself is able to counteract ageing. It is a comprehensive approach that delivers a wide range of benefits from healthy skin, hair and nails to vitality, a strong immune system, healthy joints and bones and optimum brain health.

How did you go about testing your products to ensure that they are the best they can be?

Once I had researched how each singular ingredient could target and support certain processes in the body and how ingredients could work together in teams, it was important to get the best delivery system possible. The softgel capsule was chosen for its superior bioavailability (it melts in the stomach to release all the ingredients that are already suspended in oil for immediate absorption) and the fact that it didn’t require all the added ingredients necessary in other supplements (preservatives, coating agents, binding agents, fillers, etc) was an essential factor too. Once produced, we carried out a consumer test on over 100 women for 6 months. The results surpassed our expectations.

Can you tell us a little about the science – what happens to our bodies as we age, and how do Lumity products counterbalance those processes?

In a nutshell, ageing is the result of an accumulation of damage in the body that disrupts youthful efficiency and optimum health. When we are young, the body is able to effectively protect against and efficiently repair any of the wear and tear that results from being alive. Once this wear and tear surpasses the body’s ability to balance it out with equal and opposite protection and regeneration, damage accumulates and signs of ageing appear as wrinkles and grey hair, but also lower energy levels, a weaker immune system, hormonal imbalances, creaky joints, weaker bones and so on.

Lumity is a two-step supplement that works in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm to upgrade the protection and regeneration that are so vital to counterbalancing ageing. The body works on two very different modes between day and night and, by understanding and tailoring supplementation to the very different needs between day and night, we can support the healthiest functioning and efficiency of our bodies.

Daytime is active mode and we require strong defences, optimum function and efficient energy production. Lumity morning capsules support the body's vitality, brain health, effectively protect against oxidative stress, sustain the healthy functioning of all systems, including the immune system and metabolism, while sustaining healthy skin, nails and hair, bones, joints, muscle function and teeth.

Lumity nighttime capsules harness the regenerative mode of sleep. This time is vital to repair all the damage we accumulate during the day from environmental toxins and just from being alive. If this crucial phase is compromised through poor sleep, late nights, stress, etc, which is so often the case, then damage will accumulate at a faster rate and result in accelerated ageing. Lumity nighttime capsules deliver targeted support to enhance this nighttime phase, prioritising not only the quality of sleep, but also the effectiveness of sleep to restore youthful health, vitality and radiance.

What are the range of issues your customers typically are ailing with when they first come to you?

The issues that most concern our customers are poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, low energy, skin ageing and hair loss.

In this past year, so many of us have felt more inclined to reach for those things that comfort us: chocolate, wine, coffee etc. How far can the supplements make up for indulgences in, say, sugar, caffeine and the like – or should they really be seen as part of a wider health plan?

We have found that by committing to Lumity, it is easier to make other healthier choices. By ensuring that you are getting the nutritional support you need, you are less prone to unhealthy cravings. Many of our customers report that since taking Lumity, they have started exercising more and eating more healthily. Lumity is certainly just one tool in a healthy lifestyle, but it can be the best and easiest starting point that encourages further healthy choices. We also like to encourage a balanced approach; a few indulgences here and there may actually help us to find the most relaxed, balanced approach to life.

What supplements should we all be taking to protect ourselves – both from the stress of lockdown and to give us the best defences in the event of contracting Covid?

The superstar nutrients that best support your immune system, giving you the best defence against Covid, are vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A and selenium (all found in Lumity). Our new booster supplement, Power On, was specifically formulated for those times when you need an extra lift; maybe you’re under more stress, burning the candle at both ends or just feeling under the weather, this booster gives you the extra support you need to still look and feel your best under pressure. It contains all the aforementioned nutrients, as well as the full range of B vitamins, ginseng, iron, chromium and coenzyme q10, all suspended in chia seed oil.

One of the issues a lot of people have dealt with in lockdown is poor sleep. Tell us about your food supplements that can help with that?

Our new booster supplement, Restful Nights, is an evening supplement that harnesses the regenerative qualities of a good night’s sleep. It contains magnesium, manganese, vitamin D3, holy basil and turmeric, all suspended in pumpkin seed oil. So, not only is it giving your immune system some extra support overnight, it is helping your metabolism too so that you feel less tired during the day. During the nighttime repair and renewal mode, it supports the healthy generation and renewal of connective tissue, supports strong muscle function and strong bones, and a strong nervous system and balanced psychological function in order to cope better with any stress.

You also make facial oils and cleansers – can you tell us a little about those products?

Lumity facial oil and cleanser are 100 per cent natural. A certain amount of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into the body. Certain skincare ingredients can disrupt our hormones and have other harmful effects, so it is important to me that our skincare is 100 per cent natural and 100 per cent beneficial for the skin. Both the oil and the cleanser contain over 30 natural ingredients (plant oils, essential oils and plant extracts) that protect, soothe and nourish the skin. Formulated to cover the full range of nutrients that best support the skin’s health, both products are rich in antioxidants, omegas and potent polyphenols for your best skin ever.

It’s amazing how quickly your skin can return to radiant health when given the right support. We don’t need a 10-step skincare routine; less is definitely more if you choose the best quality, natural skincare products.

Your supplements come as part of a monthly subscription – one for women and one for men. For anyone with specific needs, are you able to create bespoke recommendations?

We now also have two booster supplements – Power On and Restful Nights – for those times when we’re under stress, feeling overwhelmed, not sleeping well or jetlagged and we need that extra support to look and feel our best. Personalisation is useful for targeting specific deficiencies, but generally we all need and respond well to nutritional supplements that support the processes that are common to all of us.

If we do just one thing to protect our health – and assuage the effects of ageing in the process – what would it be?

Find a way to balance the stress in our life with equal amounts of stress relief. Stress is a powerful driver of disease and ageing. A little stress can be stimulating and can keep us young and on our toes, but it always needs to be balanced with relaxation. So, I would say identify those activities that elicit the relaxation response in you and do them daily. Some examples would include having a good laugh, a chat with friends, meditation, yoga, a stroll in nature, a warm bath, a good book, a nap, gardening. Whatever you choose, it’s vital that it’s something that you really enjoy (gets those feel-good hormones flowing) and, therefore, really works for you to balance your stress.

By Nancy Alsop
March 2021

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