Exercise just got a whole lot more accessible. With FiiT, a new online portal for the world’s best trainers, interactive fitness classes are now available in the comfort of your own sitting room.

Personal trainer? So last year. Gym membership? So last century. FiiT is the online, interactive platform that brings the best of boutique studio fitness straight into your sitting room.

Using brand spanking new data science and smart technology, the disruptive team behind FiiT is determined to help you make exercise an easy part of your daily life – today.

Their plan is to “give people access to the next-generation fitness experience, inspiring people around the globe who aren’t active enough and providing a better alternative to the gym”.

All you need to get started is to sign up to one of various membership plans (you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually). Membership will give you: the app that connects to your TV; your FiiT device; unlimited access to three studios plus new classes every week; a fitness assessment and weekly plans; performance statistics live on-screen; and a weekly progress report on My FiiT.

Once you’ve joined, you connect your FiiT device and choose which of three studios (cardio, strength or rebalance) to work out in. The featured trainers are an upbeat, energizing bunch of handpicked fitness experts from around the world. You will see real-time results on screen, and – best of all – you can move to the beat of your favourite playlists!

People seem pretty impressed with the concept so far. Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Smoothies, has this to say about FiiT: “They are set to disrupt the traditional fitness model, offering a unique platform providing unparalleled consumer choice and access.”

The FiiT team says: “FiiT is on a mission to make fitness addictive. We’re passionate about helping millions more people all over the world reap the rewards of regular exercise… Just turn on, tune in and work out.”

Enough said. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get FiiT.

March 2018