Best Sites To Change Your Life

Stick to your New Year's Resolutions with the help of these inspirational sites...

Yes it’s that time of year; resolutions are piling up like presents beneath a well stocked Christmas tree. But are there sites out there that really can change your life? Have you bonding from the rigmarole of a life trapped by fear, procrastination and doubt? Make you forget all the mistakes, the abandoned dreams, the careless frittering away of time and ergo your life? The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is a resounding YES. And here they are (in no order of preference). Countdown to greatness – to the best year of your life.


We're actively shying away from personal development experts in this feature, but Robin Sharma is the exception to the rule, why? Robin is a Canadian leadership speaker, best known for his The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari book series. Today his presentations are based on his book, ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ encouraging others that anyone, in any role, can be a leader. ‘Robin Sharma’s books are helping people all around the world live great lives,’ says Paulo Coelho.

If you're feeling despair, or a lack of creativity and purpose, just read through Robin's poem, 'The Project’, and you'll be jumping with glee into 2017 faster than you can say, well, ‘I'm going to change my life!'


‘Watch. Be Inspired. Act.' This is the catchphrase at KarmaTube, the site featuring inspiring videos accompanied by simple actions. Over 60,000 users have subscribed. If you are stocking up on IOU's, or credit in the form of good and bad deeds, then this is the site to give the motivation to amend behaviour. It is a project run by ServiceSpace, a volunteer organization, hoping to enable individuals to contribute to the world in meaningful ways. KarmaTube is an incredible portal to all that is good in the world, and sometimes that's just what is needed.


Haven’t heard of the TED talks? Where have you been? These incredible aspirational, not to mention inspirational podcasta from some of the world’s greatest minds (speaking at the life changing TED conferences) are sure to break through the ice surrounding your soul, with some rich incisive commentary on world events, leaders and success stories (in under 18 minutes no less) that will have a tear (of hope) rolling down your cheek. Not to be missed.


The world is awash with bad news, every foray onto the Daily Mail website tells us that, not to mention the legions of sites dedicated to the sludge that is vacuous celebrity news. How to counteract this shadow over your soul? Log straight onto Storytellers for Good, a beautifully designed site created by a team of producers and cinematographers who promote goodness and inspire greatness through compelling short films. The site is resplendent with the positivity we all need to bring in a successful new year (and new you).


As we move into the future, history is often our greatest teacher, hence our love for the Academy of Achievement. This is a website whole-heartedly dedicated to highlighting the incredible work of world leaders, visionaries and the pioneers who have shaped our reality. We like the ‘Find my role model’ quiz. If we can't learn some new skills for living from those who have changed the world for the better - well that's a very sad state of affairs indeed.


Now there is a legion of quotation websites littering the internet, but none are dedicated wholly to the pursuit of inspiring change, cue ‘World of Inspiration.' The simple, clear site lists rousing words from great writers, thinkers, movers and shakers. If you're feeling demotivated, take a five-minute peek. We rather like Andre Gide’s quote; ‘One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.’


Last but certainly not least, spare a few minutes of your day and dedicate them to scanning Optimist Daily, the online publication created for the ‘intelligent optimists’ amongst you. The US publication may not have a global focus but it’s full of insightful inspiring journalism that will push you and your loved ones to the next level.

Updated January 2017