Soothe your hard-working muscles after a good work-out with these alleviating rubs.

If you’ve kicked off 2022 with renewed fitness vigour but your body is already starting to creak and groan at the extra miles or reps, we present a round-up of the best muscle reviving soaks, rubs and gels to soothe your sore and tired limbs. Add these to your gym bag or bathroom cabinet this month to keep you pain-free and on track with your new year fitness goals.

De-Stress Muscle Gel, £30

Aromatherapy Associates

A joy that will instantly soothe burning muscles, this cooling gel immediately eases inflammation before the warming sensation kicks in to provide long-lasting relaxation. Featuring black pepper and ginger extracts, it’s great to rub on topically, post-workout, for instant relief. Buy it here.

Sleep Plus Massage Relief, £38

This Works

This handy massage rollerball applicator administers a blend of five per cent CBD and one per cent magnesium for the perfect mind and body relaxation formula that’s easy to self-massage into tired, achey muscles. Plus, its warming black pepper and clove will ease you into a good night’s sleep. Buy it here.

Aching Muscle Super Soak, £41


If you’re feeling weary after a workout, this energising muscle soak from Elemis recharges as it soothes, with antioxidant rich rosemary, thyme and clove to relieve aching joints. The milk formula nourishes skin too, for the perfect post-exercise soak to revive and repair. Buy it here.

Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Cream, £22


Rich in magnesium for fatigued muscles and natural kelp to moisturise, this nourishing body cream is the perfect addition to your gym wash kit to apply post shower, not only to ease your body but to smooth and replenish skin too. Buy it here.

CBD Muscle Balm, £30


If you’ve got a twinge in need of some TLC, this CBD balm is great to have on standby for topical relief. With geranium, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils and 300mg strength CBD, its anti-inflammatory properties work a treat on sore muscles and achy joints. It’s great for period pain relief, too. Buy it here.

Magnesium Ease, £20

The Nue

If you’re in a rush, this ‘spritz, rub and go’ option from The Nue is a great ‘go-to’ to up your magnesium intake, which is known to relieve post-exercise soreness. The 40mg magnesium supplement is suspended in a lavender and arnica oil, both also noted for their power to relax and soothe. A potent little pump of tension and stress relieving magic. Buy it here.

Extra Strength Muscle Soothing Lotion, £44


Harnessing both nature and science, the Healist’s extra-strength muscle soothing lotion is the big guns for, well, your guns. Fast acting, the clever vegan formula first cools then warms with CBD, arnica, turmeric, camphor, menthol and ginger for a tingling, sensory experience that will both revitalise and relax a wrung-out body. Buy it here.

BGD Sport Arnica Balm, £26


A beautifully scented ginger, tea tree and arnica balm from Bamford, the non-sticky, soft balm gently warms skin as you massage it into tired muscles. Great for tight runners’ calves or shoulders to immediately release tension. Buy it here.

Muscle Recovery Soak, £15

Aroma Active

A great budget option if you’re looking to soak away your tensions while simultaneously reviving tired, stiff or sore limbs. With a blend of turmeric, rosemary, cinnamon and ginger, the rich milk bath is a great treat for hitting those milestones on your new fitness journey. Buy it here.

By Lydia Mansi
January 2022

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