Personalised nutrition is coming along in leaps and bounds – but what about personalised supplements? We find out more.

Are you guilty of filling your bathroom cabinets with endless pots of vitamins and supplements, taking them with sporadic enthusiasm until your commitment peters out and they start gathering dust? You’re not alone, which is why a new breed of clever, personalised subscription brands have emerged as a solution to taking the guess work out of supplementation. Allowing consumers a better understanding of their lifestyle and health needs, they create tailored blends that can be popped in a single pill for targeted nutritional support. Whether it’s to supplement dietary choices, pregnancy, fitness regimes or age-appropriate needs, we round up seven brands to try for a bespoke vitamin prescription that will target the gaps in your own individual nutrition needs – plus tips on what to look out for when ordering your vitamins online.

Quality Of Ingredients

Many cheap off-the-shelf supplements are bulked out with ‘filler’, containing only a small fraction of ‘active’ ingredients, and thus giving a false sense of value. Additionally, mass-produced supplements can sit in warehouses for months before actually being taken, which degrades the efficacy of the key ingredients. Instead look for brands that make to order or in small batches here in Britain to ensure ingredients and manufacture meet UK regulations. There are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options too, if that’s important to you.

Access To Support

You’ll find many independent vitamin brands now offer a free consultation or an on-hand wellness team to chat to if you need help navigating the world of supplementation. As with all things health, your needs with change over time, so do look for a brand that recognises that and encourages you to check in regularly to tweak your subscription.


Do your sums. Don’t baulk at the cost of bespoke vitamins until you have totted up the total you are spending on half a dozen individual vitamin supplements. Combining your supplements into one tailored pill may in fact save you money and if there’s only one to pop, chances are you’ll keep up the habit, too.

Transparency And Claims

Don’t be ‘health washed’ by seductive claims or influenced by sponsored ads on social media. Do your research and look into the team behind the vitamins you take. Are they medical professionals? Do they share and review the latest research into the real benefits of the ingredients they use? If they are not 100 per cent transparent in the promises they make and the science they rely on, avoid and find a brand you can trust.

7 Personalised Vitamin Brands To Try

Get Nourished

You’d be excused for thinking these rainbow jelly stacks were a guilty sweet treat. They are, in fact, 3D printed, layered vitamins created to match each individual’s unique requirements. Freshly made to order, they offer a build-your-own stack option, or stacks curated for skincare, menopause, stress, focus, immunity, sleep and even sexual health. Great for those who hate swallowing pills – they’re made from all-natural, premium ingredients and taste great. Explore more here.


Perfect for packing when you’re on-the-go, Vitl’s daily vitamin strips include four supplements chosen by their experts for your specific nutritional needs. You can either book a free consultation to discuss your lifestyle and health goals, or book one of their at-home blood tests to see where you might need supplementary support. With an expert team of geneticists, doctors and dieticians, you know you’re in safe hands. Explore more here.

Vitamin Buddy

If you’re often being seduced into buying the latest cure-all vitamin with no clue as to whether you’ll benefit from it, Vitamin Buddy may be the perfect solution for streamlining the supplements you actually need. Their vegan-friendly formulas are delivered in handy daily pouches, free from gluten, binders or added fillers. Explore more here.

Everly Wellness

Everly’s smart direct-to-consumer approach means you aren’t paying the middleman tax of pharmacies or supermarkets and can get top-quality, personalised vitamins at up to 35 per cent less than on the high street. Designed to debunk the science around vitamins, they give each claim they quote a ranking for the research behind it, to give customers expert, yet honest, advice. A refreshing model for the health industry. Explore more here.


If you find conventional vitamins hard to swallow, climate-positive supplement brand Vitbox allows you to combine four into one,. You can choose the potency you need and even the size capsule you’d prefer in their ‘vitamin bundles’. With sustainable packaging and a fully bespoke option to create your own multi-vitamin from scratch, you don’t get much more personalised than that. Explore more here.

Personalised Co.

As the name suggests, Personalised Co. was founded in 2019 as one of the fore-runners in individualised vitamin supplements. The personal approach extends beyond the daily sachets of tailored vitamin regimes and includes a personal consultation call with each subscription so you can chat through your changing needs with the team. Explore more here.


If you’re looking to save money on your vitamin intake, Alyve costs up to 80 per cent less than the average monthly nutritional routine – from just 50p day, in fact, as it streamlines all your vitamin and mineral needs into a single once-a-day tablet. Using the most bio-available, premium ingredients there’s no scrimping on quality, with a personalised blend for every user. Personalised vitamins on a budget. Explore more here.

By Lydia Mansi
June 2022

Lydia Mansi

Lifestyle Editor

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