Find out if it’s written in the stars with these mystical websites, newly beloved of millennials and Gen Z.

T’was a time when astrology seemed the domain of your marvellously alternative, silver-haired, felt hat-wearing aunt. But what is written in the stars is having a moment – no doubt thanks to some mystic planetary shift. Far from scoffing, millennials are lapping up the new, Insta-friendly incarnation of reading about their signs. It is, after all, a fun delve into spirituality without much commitment necessary.

And it makes sense. As the world rides the crest of extremely uncertain times, astrology can offer a way to make sense not only of ourselves but of the world, and to contextualise whatever is going on in some sort of cyclic cosmic order. Or, on the flip side, it’s all nonsense, but fun nonetheless. Plus, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, so what better moment for a little perusal of your paramour’s chart to check all is cosmically well between you?

These are our favourite online spots for a bit of fun star sign dabbling and star gazing.

The Hoodwitch

The brainchild of Bri Luna (either not, one imagines, her real name, or the best case of nominative determinism we’ve heard in a while), The Hoodwitch offers a dizzying amount of information for the astrologically inclined. There are ‘Witchtips’ (general summations of the week according to the planets), as well as specific horoscopes for each sign. But that’s not all; you can buy all manner of crystals, check in with the blog, do a deep dive into its dedicated Tarot section, and buy books about witchcraft, astrology, herbalism, magic, palmistry and much more. Bri writes: ‘The Hoodwitch started as a fun play on words, but also as a reference to the curanderas and the wise women in the neighbourhood botanicas that I grew up in. These wise women were the healers. They were the shoulders to cry on, they could give you a recipe to clear up your colds, bring love into your life, or protect your flower garden. They are the beacons of light for their community and that has always inspired me. This experience has allowed me to explore my understandings of metaphysics, folk medicine, and wellness in ways I never thought possible. I have always believed my purpose in this life was to share, uplift, support, and spread love to the world around me.’

Café Astrology

This isn’t the most bells-and-whistles site there is, but it’s pretty fresh and clean nevertheless and makes it in to our list thanks to its beginner-friendly vibe. There’s no sense here that you need to be into the occult or anything alternative; it’s just a fun spot to check out your horoscope for the day, week, month or year ahead. You can even have a look ahead to your ‘Good Days’ chart, in case you should wish to arrange your diary accordingly. What Café Astrology does best though, is its birth charts (just click on the link How to Obtain my Natal Chart on the landing page). It’s a long document you receive (all free), and we find that we have ‘a sense of individuality, and outward-shining creative energy.’ We’re warming to this site by the second. Fun.

Astro Style

Run by a pair of twins, Opira and Tali Edut – otherwise known as the Astrotwins – this is a pretty site that shakes off the joss stick-scented, dream-catching, wind-chiming vibe of yesteryear. There is, of course, a shop which sells, among other things, the twins’ own books (The Astrotwins 2020 Horoscope could be yours for £24.95), and indeed you can even ‘shop your sign’. But there’s plenty to peruse free-of-charge too, such as your own birth and compatibility charts. For those interested in affairs of the heart, choose the ‘love horoscpe’. You can lose happy hours reading about everyone you know on here.

Oscar and Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes

Ok, so this website looks like it hasn’t been touched by the hand of man since the dawn of the Internet. We should also caveat this recommendation by saying that Jonathan Cainer actually died in 2016. Until his demise, however, Cainer was said to be Fleet Street’s wealthiest writer, his fortune amassed not just from his daily horoscopes in the Daily Mail, but thanks to his many books, premium-rate phone lines and online readings. Whatever you make of his site, he was one of Britain’s best-known interpreters of planetary activity, and now his nephew, Oscar, has picked up the slack. You can order charts, have your Tarot read and more – though there is a pervading feeling of having to pay for every individual item here. However, as befits the legacy of the astrologer hack, it’s fun for gossipy astro-slanted responses to celebrity news stories.

Shelley Von Strunckel

In 1992, Californian astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel was drafted in to prep us all for our weeks ahead via the pages of The Sunday Times (previously she had shared column inches with the legendary Patric Walker in the London Evening Standard). The inspired move of then-editor Andrew Neil, the paper became the first broadsheet to feature horoscopes (newsflash: those who consider themselves serious-minded like a bit of fun too). She’s been at it ever since. The biography section of her website informs us that she is ‘regarded as the voice of reason in the often-confusing field of astrology and related topics, such as the power of the mind and spiritual matters’ and as such is ‘considered an accessible expert.’ Her website is slick, and through it, you can check up on what’s happening in your sign daily, weekly and monthly, without having to fork out at all. Where you are invited to spend money is on personal readings. Her ‘Champagne Mystic’ blog section is excellently named though needs updating, but the all-important horoscopes are the place to head straight for here.

Astrology Zone

Apart from all the invasive pop-up ads, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone site is good. So popular is she, in fact, that she currently has a pop up shop in Bloomingdale’s, New York. Sure, that may not be especially helpful on this side of the pond, but firstly it does give her bona fides, and secondly, we can still check in online. She is renowned for being particularly good on compatibility, and her charts are free. She has app you can download (also free) for daily horoscopes, and if you’re an aspirant astrologer yourself, there is even a section you can explore to learn the tools of the trade. Comprehensive.

Battle through the pop-up ads, and once you’re in, this is a pretty and user-friendly site. One pop-up you may not wish to bat away quite so readily is the box offering a free personal chart. Pressed for time? You can simply click on your sign to get a horoscope, but there is much more to the site than that (we do like the daily star rating in four categories of your life: sex, hustle, vibe and success). There is a games section, which allows you to match compatibility, not just in the sun signs, but according to the Chinese horoscope, the Mayan – and even your name. You can even check out how meant-to-be you are with your pet (we kid you not). The glossy magazine-style articles section is great, covering topics such as the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate (who knew?), and what happened to one writer when she did everything the Tarot cards told her to do for a week.


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Updated February 2021
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