Meet the brands bringing Ayurvedic principles into their products.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian approach to holistic wellbeing, isn’t in fact a ‘beauty ritual’ as many westerners commonly believe. It is, in fact, a set of guiding principles that touch on every lifestyle aspect – from nutrition to exercise, as well as topical applications of medicinal herbs and supplements. Each aspect is designed to help individuals find their unique wellness balance.

To get started, here are seven Ayurvedic brands bringing authentic and ancient Ayurvedic principles and formulas to the modern, mainstream beauty and wellness industry.


Pukka Herbs has a range of Ayurvedic and organic supplements and teas, each harnessing pure, concentrated quantities of authentic Ayurvedic herbs and plants. All of these – including Neem, Triphala, Ashwaganda and Shatavari – have been sustainably harvested. If you’re new to Ayurveda, don’t feel daunted; you can filter the collection online by health benefit to narrow down your choices. Choosing from gut health, mood, immunity and many more options to find the right supplement for you.

Mauli Rituals

The luxury spa-like range from Mauli Rituals is inspired by science-led Ayurvedic principles alongside a sense of ‘British refinement’. The thoroughly modern offering covers a full gamut of 21st-century ills, including sleep, anxiety and digital detox. Once you know your ‘imbalance’, there are herbal infusions, topical oils, supplements, skincare and haircare to set you back on the path to wellness. Each product has a sense of nurture and mindfulness in every drop.


‘Ancient wisdom for modern hair’ goes Champo’s credo. Hop onto its website and take your hair dosha quiz to find out your tresses’ Ayurvedic profile and then find the haircare range to match. Created using handed-down, authentic recipes packed with nourishing oils, herbs and active botanicals, these are products which package up an innovative blend of the latest tricology know-how and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom in a bottle.

Soul Tree

Stocked at Dilli Grey, an award-winning ethical lifestyle store, Soultree is an independent, Ayurvedic beauty brand which treads lightly on the world to sustainably nurture and harvest the pure, raw ingredients in its all-natural formulas. Expect authentic blends that are a joy to use, smell divine and – most importantly – transform skin gently and naturally.

Forest Essentials

India’s most famous (and beloved) luxury Ayurvedic brand, Forest Essentials ships internationally. Whilst we shouldn’t be seduced by a product’s packaging, oh my but are they a thing to behold. Beautifully illustrated in delicate prints and jewel colours, the scents are just as transporting; with authentic Pushkar rose, sandalwood, Keralan lime and sensual Indian jasmine among the the heady scents. Try its diffuser oils and room mists for a burst of fragrance that is pure India.


Iyura is another authentic Ayurvedic brand that will look beautiful on your bathroom shelf; its packaging is adorned with traditional Madhubani paintings. Inside, many of the 100 per cent natural ingredients are sustainably sourced from the wild, blended by experienced Ayurvedic practitioners using the latest skincare laboratories. Shop by products, all tailored to your dosha, including nourishing hair and body oils, as well as potent elixirs to imbue a natural glow.

Uma Oils

The ingredients in Uma Oils blends are grown and harvested from their own 100-acre estate in Raipur – sustainably farming some of the rarest botanicals to yield the purest raw ingredients they supply some of the beauty industry greats including Tom Ford and Estee Lauder. Their own formulas use traditional Ayurvedic techniques for a wholly authentic experience with a cult (and even Royal) devoted following. Their Ultimate Ayurveda Kit is a great starting point if you are new to all things Ayurvedic; including supplements, topical oils and lifestyle products to help you reap the benefits of this 5000 year old wisdom.

By Lydia Mansi
January 2021

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