Get all the tranquillity factor of a spa without leaving your bathroom.

Hands up if you’re in dire need of a spa treatment? Yup, us too. Whether you’ve been hunched over your laptop with tight shoulders for most of 2020, or your skincare routine needs a status update to professional facial, there is nothing quite like taking your beauty regime to the next level and adding the ‘aaaah’ factor of a spa treatment. Will it imbue the same restful tranquillity that an actual salon trip will deliver? Just maybe with the help of our round-up of at-home treatments. Some are high-tech, some are holistic; all you need do is to add some zen music and a luxury candle. And don’t forget to lock the bathroom door.

Forest Therapy Bath and Shower Oil, £49

Aromatherapy Associates

Sink into a tub laced with Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy bath oil and you will be transported to the grounding, peaceful heart of a pine forest. With 22 essential oils, including Mediterranean cypress, pink peppercorn and juniper berry, it’s uplifting and calming in equal measures. The perfect, deeply restorative end to a stressful day.

Mini Facial Cleansing Brush, £99

Foreo Luna

Feel like you never get quite the same deep clean at home as you do with a spa facial? Add this tool to your at-home arsenal and you just might. Using sonic pulses, it unclogs pores and removes 99.5 per cent of oil, dirt and makeup, sending the shockwaves skin deep to give your face a super-sonic clean. Not only will skin feel purified, it will improve the efficacy of any lotions and potions you apply subsequently, as they can soak straight in to your new, blank canvas.

Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device, £385

MZ Skin

We know – Hannibal Lector vibes, right? Perhaps one for after the kids go to bed, unless you want to give them nightmares, this light therapy facial device might be a serious investment, but when compared to even six months of facials, it earns its money back. It has five in-built LED settings, each with different skincare benefits: red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reducing inflammation and signs of aging; blue minimises bacteria for blemish-prone skin; green targets dark spots and discolouration; yellow reduces redness and boosts circulation; while white minimises inflammation and sensitivity. There’s so much technology packed into one slightly scary looking mask, it’s like having a whole spa menu in your bathroom cabinet.

Wellbeing Pod Perfect Peace Starter Pack, £110


Oil burners and incense can get messy and smoky, but there’s nothing quite as transformative as filling your space with mood-boosting essential oils to help you recreate that spa experience. Enter NEOM’s Wellbeing Pod. Smart enough that you’d be proud to display it around your home, it gently mists a blend of aroma-therapeutic scents into your space. You can choose from calm, happy, de-stress, sleep and more seasonal blends. The perfect scene setter to your at-home spa day.

The Facialift, £30

Sarah Chapman

It may look like a bizarre pair of salad tongs, but Sarah Chapman’s facial massager has been designed to mimic the hands of the famous facialist herself. The wishbone shape will follow the contours of your jawline with the aim of reducing toxins, puffiness and giving you the coveted post-facial glow, at home.

Soothing Massage Oil, £14

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Don’t let your lack of professional qualifications put you off offering to relieve a loved one’s tense shoulders or achy back. We’ve got a secret weapon for you. Simply take a glug of Neal’s Yard Soothing Massage Oil with balancing geranium, palmarosa and cypress and relaxing lavender and bergamot, then really work out their knots with The Body Shop’s twin ball massage roller (£7). It’s surprisingly efficient at loosening tension for under a tenner.

Acupressure Mat, £40

Bed of Nails

Bear with us. Lying on 8800 plastic spikes might not sound very spa-like, but this acupressure mat, which is based on eastern wisdom, works in a similar way to acupuncture needles to help release the happy chemicals in your body: endorphins and oxytoxin. Far from an instrument of torture it can help relieve pain, tension, stress and improve sleep. Looks a bit more appealing now, doesn’t it?

By Lydia Mansi
December 2020


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