Goodbye office politics, hello life of leisure. Ten sites to help the retired adjust to a new way of life.

You’ve given years to the career ladder, been embroiled in office politics for decades and attended more work Christmas parties than you care to remember. Now, you’ve cleared your desk, accepted your retirement gift and headed home for a life of leisure. Right? But everybody knows it can be hard to adjust to the freedom of retirement. Here, we’ve identified ten sites that will help you make the most of the world after work.

Muddy Matches

Now is the time to look for love (if you haven’t yet found it). Make your mission easier with Muddy Matches, the family-run dating website for people who love the countryside.


A zesty website serving the needs of the over 50s, Saga’s motto is “Keep doing”. In addition to a brilliant monthly magazine, it offers sound advice and great deals on travel, health, insurance and care.


A decade ago, when you wanted to master a new skill, you had to enroll in a class or read some kind of manual. Now, there is YouTube – and, with it, no excuse not to brush up on your DIY, become a gardener or learn to cook. Mind blowing.

Nutrition Facts

Brought to us by the clever US doctor who wrote the bestselling How Not to Die and its accompanying cookbook, this site is packed full of accessible health and wellness advice in the shape of articles, podcasts and videos.


Don’t scoff – a Netflix subscription will truly enhance your retirement. From just £5.99 a month, it will give you access to hours of glorious films, documentaries and original dramas. And you’ll have something to talk to your children about. Warning: it can become addictive.

Do Yoga With Me

The myriad benefits of yoga are well documented. Thanks to the helpful, instructive and eminently do-able videos for seniors on this site, you can develop your own practice in the comfort of your sitting room.

Royal Horticultural Society

It may be clichéd to pick up gardening the moment you’ve put down your briefcase – but that is because gardening is so good for your mind, body and soul. The RHS’s sophisticated website offers comprehensive advice, whatever your stage, plus details of the shows it hosts across the country.

Elder Treks

Tick off your bucket-list holidays with this company that specialises in exotic, small-group travel for the over 50s. Hiking in the Rockies? An expedition to the Arctic? Circumnavigation of Newfoundland? It’s now or never…

Silver Surfers

Comprising features, news and a social forum tailored to the Baby Boomer generation, this friendly site will help you access the best of the web, stay connected and feel truly young at heart.

Geezer Guff

When it all gets too much and you need a laugh, head to this hilarious blog for “feisty and funny seniors”. The author is a sixty-something chap called Bill; his satirical take on life as a retiree will soothe your soul.

April 2018