Best Sites for Tennis Equipment

Because it's that time of year again, we've rounded up some excellent tennis equipment sites for all you ardent enthusiasts...

Strike! Kerb ball! Sudden death! Birdie…? Well, that was definitely off-side! Okay, so we may not have the tennis lingo completely nailed, but something we do keep an excellent track of here at The GWG is where to get hold of the best tennis equipment online. Whether you’re a novice looking for the basics, or a pro in search of a specific piece of equipment, or even a parent on the look-out for good-quality tenniswear for your child, we have it covered. Oh and for all you ardent enthusisasts don't miss our extra special feature; Best Sites for Tennis Fans!

My Tennis Kit

My Tennis Kit is a domain completely devoted to providing tennis kits and clothing to kids between the ages of 3 and 15. They source all their clothes from the USA, so you’ll see no high-street copies of the outfits featured on the site, meaning your kids will look cool as well as be the only ones on the court in those clothes! Furthermore, the page is colourful and inviting and easy to use, so get your kids clicking – who knows, once on that court you might discover that your little one has got a divine backhand.

Kickback Sports

The reason we love Kickback Sports; not only do they stock all major tennis brands, such as Slazinger, Babolat, Dunlop and Yonex (to mention a few) - they also pride themselves with having an incredibly easy-to-navigate site. This means that you can get that Wilson racket you saw Nadal use at Wimbledon, quicker than Serena Williams can slam an ace serve at you.

Prodirect Tennis

Go figure but Pro Direct Tennis are pros selling pro stuff to other pros. They offer a staggering amount of tennis equipment – from brand rackets to state-of-the-art shoes. And, if, like us you've always dreamt of playing tennis using a racket with inscriptions like “Badass Backhand” or “Sizzling Server”, now is your chance. Pro Direct Tennis offers a free personalisation of all rackets sold!

Tennis Planet

Everybody likes a sale, and everybody loves a tennis sale! Tennis Planet are cleaning out their tennis closets, so many great offers are up for grabs: everything you’ll ever need on the court, like balls, shoes, rackets, and strings are available. And, if you’re serious about your tennis-ing, you can even order a ball machine from them. Tennis Planet really does have all the angles covered...

Tennis Nuts

As well as having a vast selection of all things tennis, the guys over at Tennis Nuts have very specific sales sections. Are you looking for a cheap racket? Why, yes, there's a sale on for that, but you have to be more specific – are you looking for a cheap power racket, or a cheap control racket? This makes finding a particular item you’ve had your eyes on so much easier, and we love for that. 


PWP is the tennis retail site for all the pros out there – we know you hear us! Tennis sunglasses? They have them. Tennis bra? No problem. Tennis nets? Four to choose from. Enough said.

Direct Sports Shop

While Direct Sports is the only site on our list that isn’t a specialist for all things tennis, we can’t help but include them – their tennis section is impressive for a non-specialist shop. They also offer a section for junior players, and what’s more prices are ultra reasonable. If you want value for your tennis money, Direct Sports is your friend!

June 2012.