Help turn the tide on deforestation by using these brilliant sites, which plant trees on your behalf.

Humans deforest around ten million hectares of forest around the world every year1. That’s equivalent to an area the size of Portugal every decade. While half of this deforestation is offset by re-growing forests or rewilding, we still lose around five million hectares each year, a huge annual loss. Tree planting as an individual, or as a business is a great, easy way to do your bit to turn the tide on global deforestation; after all, it is going to take a collective effort. A simple click of a mouse can donate to charities and trusts who will do the replanting for you, as a gift, or as a regular monthly donation. Here are 7 sites to visit to get planting virtually – no shovels required.

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Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust has planted 50m trees since 1972, focusing on rewilding and bringing back thousands of hectares of ancient British woodland with native species. It offers free trees to schools and communities if you want to plant your own. Or, if you’re not green fingered, you can opt to donate instead. For every £1 given, 82p is spent on trees and woodland conservation in the UK. Show your support here.

Trees For Cities

Trees for Cities is the only UK charity working at national and international scale to improve urban lives by planting trees in cities. Currently 1.1m trees down, it has enlisted the help of 125,000 volunteers, having started in London in 1993 and now planting in the far flung likes of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Bucharest, Romania; and Nairobi. Donate via the website and for just £6 you can plant a tree in a city to help provide green lungs within urban environments. Show your support here.

Global Trees Campaign

As the name suggests, the Global Trees Campaign is focused on saving 9,600 threatened tree species around the world. Donations will help its work in not only protecting mature trees, but also repopulating through tree planting and training the next generation of tree conservationists. Show your support here.

More Trees

More Trees offers businesses and e-commerce brands the option to add a ‘plant a tree’ at checkout, via social media or as a seamless part of its invoicing – and all for as little as a £1. It works with trusted tree planting partners across the world to ensure that trees are planted and cared for – as well as building wider community benefits to new woodland habitats. For conscious consumers, why not gift trees on mass in lieu of Christmas cards, or offset your annual household CO2 emissions and watch your virtual forest grow via your personalised dashboard? Show your support here.

National Trust

The National Trust isn’t just about stately home. Its aim is to plant 20 million trees across Britain by 2030. You can donate from as little as £5 and dedicate a tree to a loved one on their behalf, receiving a digital certificate as proof of your part towards rewilding the UK – one sapling at a time. Show your support here.

The Greener Earth Project

This young and passionate team of tree conservationists has a mission: to plant a million trees in the next five years and to sustain a forest the size of Market Harborough, their home town. With transparent accreditation, you know your membership is going where it matters: in the ground. A great idea for conscious gifting, there are plans available from as little as £1 a month to plant 12 trees a year. Show your support here.

National Forest

Established in 1995, The National Forest Company created the National Forest, a wooded landscape for the nation across 200 square miles of central England. It is now only 35,000 trees away from its nine million target. Donate and choose a species to plant, whether in your name or someone else’s and be part of the national leafy legacy. Show your support here.

By Lydia Mansi
Updated August 2021

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