What's Your Guilty Secret?

We’ve all got our guilty secrets – you know, those diverting sites, blogs and feeds that we peek at when we’ve nothing better to do. Happily, because nobody can see what we’re browsing, we rarely have to admit to them. Even so, we’ve compiled a list of the sites that people are most likely to lie about loving. Steal a glance at the iPad of your neighbour, and we reckon you’ll find one of these on its screen.


Controversial and irreverent, this feed has 9.9 million followers and makes us laugh in spite of ourselves. The Fat Jewish’s relentless mockery is widespread – nobody is safe – but his regular targets include Donald Trump and pretty much any celebrity worth its salt.


However hard we try, it’s hard to satisfy our hunger for titbits about the Kardashians and the casts of Made In Chelsea and TOWIE. Throw in a paparazzi shot of a politician on holiday, and we’re hooked.


Our lust for property porn seems never to abate. We search, we swoon, we dream. We have no intention of buying the grand country house, postcard-pretty cottage or Mayfair mansion that we’ve lovingly identified; we are simply indulging our fantasies.


The website of the American blogger, columnist and TV personality lavishes us with yet more celebrity gossip. He is a master at dishing the dirt. None of it is stuff we particularly need to know but we lap it up all the same.


Videos and pictures that celebrate mistakes of every nature (feline, human, you name it) provide neither intellectual stimulation nor food for the soul. What they do is raise a sure-fire chuckle. Go on, try it – we defy you not to laugh.


The dating app that has revolutionised love lives the world over remains addictive even after its users have walked blissfully up the aisle. Few can resist a daily swipe through the totty on offer. Research shows that in 2014, the average Tinder user would spend a staggering hour and a half on the app each day.


The surge on social media and in cookbooks across the land of healthy, mindful eating is a good thing. We love such proponents of it as (Deliciously) Ella (Mills) and Natasha (Honestly Healthy) Corrett. But there are times when Deliciously Stella’s wry Instagram feed, which makes fun of the entire notion, simply hits the spot.


What you get when you click on is a window into a glossy world of luxury, hedonism, and posh parties – and it’s endlessly, mortifyingly compelling.

MUMSNET - Am I Being Unreasonable

Bet you, or someone you know, is a clandestine checker of the feisty Am I Being Unreasonable forum on Mumsnet. It's an online playground of grownup women whining and moaning about the problems in their life. Strangely addictive and bitchy, you'd never dream of being so vocal in real life. Gossip, you?


Some people cannot help themselves; they are attracted to photographs of small and fluffy members of the animal kingdom doing pretty much anything. It’s not cool, it’s not smart – but it’s a fact.

May 2017