Working your way through the average Instagram feed usually means the following: a number of tantalising food photos that make you want to visit a Bogotá side street for some arepas; a selection of inspirational travel photography that forces you to question everything; and finally the fitness guru, forever making you feel guilty. To spice things up a bit, there is one more element to add — and that is the literati of Instagram.

Social media does not always have to stem from registering a domain name with a provider like this one. Starting a blog on WordPress and then establishing social media channels also works. In many of the cases below, these Instagram luminaries have worked backwards – their digital presence began with an Instagram profile and from this, websites and even books have emerged. What they all have in common is that each has evolved out of a merging of two very simple passions – the literary and photographic worlds.

Whether it be books, magazines, attractive people reading either of the two, pets posing near/on/by either of the two, or simply books in nice places next to a good cup of tea, the possibilities are endless. This selection of Instagrammers promises to inspire you to flick through some pages in the next few days.

Stack Magazines on Instagram

Stack is an independent magazine subscription service based in London. It is known for its extremely well curated selection of magazines and literary or cultural journals. Its Instagram is the next best thing to the subscription itself – it introduces the glossy cover of a different magazine every few days. The selection covers everything from the narratives of the Arab world in The Outpost to the slow journalism of Delayed Gratification, or the food stories of The Gourmand. Whether it’s illustration, long-form journalism, photography, fiction or simply just creativity, this Instagram account will leave you with a long shopping list.

@catbookclub / @dogbookclub
Cat Book Club on Instagram

These are two separate accounts and, depending on your preference, at least one or both of these should be followed. Both combine a very high caliber of either dogs or cats, but the dog one is naturally more playful and the cat one tends to be on the posing-while-sleeping side of things. As for the literature, both generally feature a very good selection of books and magazines.
Dog Book Club on Instagram

Miranda July on Instagram

An American writer, filmmaker, artist, and general do-gooder, Miranda July’s Instagram is a dream. With the perfect balance between her own reading endeavours, her writing and all her arts and culture happenings – all of which are peppered with a lot of humour and some very well-grounded feminism – July’s Instagram is a true delight.

Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram

This one does exactly what it says on the tin, but oh my does it do it well. It is indeed simply extremely attractive men, reading but is a treat for all. Based on the New York subway, what becomes alarmingly obvious is that there are a lot of beautiful people in the Big Apple at any given time.

Paris Review on Instagram

The Paris Review has been one of the top quarterly literary magazines since it began in 1953. Its Instagram account, which has only had a fraction of the magazine’s lifespan, is filled with mostly wonderful shots of interviews, quotes or excerpts, and the occasional pieces of art. The shots often feature some of the literary greats such as Raymond Carver, William Faulkner, Roberto Bolaño and Simone de Beauvoir – the list is well and truly endless.

Subway Book Review on Instagram

This is another series that originated on the New York subway, which has now got a London branch to it. It involves a portrait of someone holding the book that they are currently reading and a touching, personal caption which takes the form of a very fleeting yet personal book review. More often than not, it’s hard to figure out whether the book or the person sounds more interesting.

March 2017