Get in the mood for the great seasonal hunkering down with this crop of exquisite wintry interiors inspiration.

The call of home is always strong, but never more so than as we plunge into the depths of winter. And whilst we may embrace the freshness of whiter shades of pale in the summer, right now, our interior joy comes exclusively from warmth and comfort. Dark hues on walls, textural layers and cosy corners alight with candles and open fires is where our hearts lie now and for the months to come. These are some of the most inspirational interiors on Instagram right now. Pass the teapot and a blanket.

Amanda C Brooks’ Sitting Room Via House & Garden

It is hard to know what we love more at Amanda C Brooks’ – proprietor of Cutter Brooks – beautiful sitting room. The wall of books; the candlelight; the folksy sensibility; the beams; the pleated lampshades dotted throughout; or the trusty hound having a little lie down under the table. All of it is joyful in the extreme. Follow Amanda here and House & Garden UK here.

Alexandra Tolstoy’s Kitchen

‘I’ve never understood minimalism’, says Alexandra Tolstoy – and thank goodness for that. Decisively proving that fitted kitchens are not, in fact, mandatory in modern life, we adore the ochre yellow walls and the chalky dark grey cupboards that replaced the bland proposition that stood here before Alexandra got her hands on this space; both make a characterful canvas for her lovely collection of anti-minimalist possessions. Exactly the kind of kitchen we should like to be offered tea and cake in, and then proceed to long outstay our welcome. Follow Alexandra here.

English Eccentric Home

The source is unknown for this most exquisite of images. That does nothing to dissuade from its sheer winter glory: just imagine drawing those curtains and curling up on the sofa with a good book and a pot of tea. Sublime. Follow Nikki Renshaw’s English Eccentric Home here.

Kate Harris And Jason Goodwin’s Dorset Farmhouse Via Bible Of British Taste

Everything about this image, taken at historian Jason Goodwin and Kate Harris’ Dorset farmhouse, invites you to plonk yourself down on the sofa next to the sleeping hound and not remove yourself for some time. The absolute exemplar of picturesquely undone country life. Follow Bible Of British Taste here and Jason Goodwin here.

Robert Kime’s Conservatory Via Tat.London

Robert Kime does quintessentially British interiors in all their informal grandeur like no other. We could not agree with Charlie Porter’s Tat.London more: this image of his conservatory, apparently ‘found’ on a buying trip, is everything we could ever wish for in a winter party. Pure magic. Follow Robert Kime here and Tat.London here.

Christina Strutt’s Kitchen

You simply cannot beat Christina Strutt’s kitchen at Monk’s House – a solid stone repository of pure delight in bucolic Somerset – for sheer winter cosiness. That fire! Those stockings! The red candles! It elicits Mitfordian exclaiming in the best of us. Be assured that if, on viewing this image, you are struck by a shot of extreme Christmas spirit, you are not alone. Follow Christina here.

The Old Norfolk Stables

There is nothing like a stuffed twinkling dresser to connote Christmas magic. This one, at The Old Norfolk Stables, is one of our all-time favourites. Follow The Old Norfolk Stables here.

Skye McAlpine

Imagine being as a brilliant a cook and as good at creating spectacular tablescapes as Skye McAlpine. The good news is you can now buy some of the elements that make up this festive scene, thanks to her new Skye McAlpine Tavola range. Follow Skye here.

The Little Stone Cottage

This sweet cottage is the brainchild of Emma Diaz, who is now also a colour consultant at Edward Bulmer Paint. We love the calm palette, proving that you can be pale and interesting yet still impossibly cosy. Follow The Little Stone Cottage here.

Pedro De Costa Felgueiras’ House Via House & Garden

'It's not that I hate modern things,' says historic paint specialist Pedro De Costa Felgueiras. ‘It's that quality is important.’ His Whitechapel home, brought to our attention by House & Garden, had nearly been burned down by an arsonist when he bought it. Now, under his expert eye, it looks like a picture of domestic bliss from the 18th-century. We love the focus on materials: wood, stone and iron. Who wouldn’t want to warm up by that fire? In fact we’d go out in sub-zero temperatures just for the warming up opportunity afterwards. Follow Pedro here and House & Garden here.


The feed of interior designer, Pino3bravo, is a thing of glory. There are many posts we could pick to illustrate our point here, but since we love sturdy cookers, candles and firewood in winter, this cannot be bettered. Follow Pino3bravo here and then sigh wistfully.

Neptune Home

This may have been posted in September, but to us, this symphony in stone and candlelight has winter perfection written all over it. Follow Neptune Home here.

By Nancy Alsop
December 2021

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