Check out these cool fashion accounts. Frankly, we’re obsessed.

Remember when the chief influences on our fashion choices were Vogue and a smattering of Sunday supplement style sections? Yep, it’s a hazy memory for us too. Nonetheless, if we cast our minds back to 2010, the year that Instagram was born, that’s how things were. But a decade is a long time in fashion, in technology and in social media. And these days, we get as much inspiration from the grids of our favourite influencers as via the pages of glossy mags – more so, in fact, for their ready availability and constant updating. Here are five of our very top fashion follows.

Lucy Williams

We are huge fans of Lucy’s Insta page. She nails the French laid back, chic look with seemingly zero effort. Which, we guess, is the point of that whole nonchalant Parisian thing. Lucy also has collaborated with Missoma, a partnership that has resulted in some beautiful chunky gold pieces – these earrings are very much on our Christmas wish list. And if you like her sartorial style, chances are you’ll be keen on her interiors vibe too. The good news is that, having recently bought a house, she’s set up a new instagram page dedicated to this alone (*immediately follows*).

Not Such A Model Mum

Jessica Arora and Caroline Barton have been firm friends (and models) for years and they now have six children between them. We love them, both for their awesome style and their hilarious Instagram stories that regularly feature their lovely families. They frequently post stylish pieces on their stories too, and are firm believers in buying less and buying better. Women after our own heart.

Gayle Rinkoff

Gayle Rinkoff has been a stylist to the stars for over a quarter of a century, and these days, is also style director at The Voice, ensuring that aspirant divas look the part as well as sounding it. Thanks to her Insta page, we get to have a slice of that stellar style too. We love how she effortlessly pairs sequin skirts with oversized hoodies and trainers. Her trying on sessions on her stories have us hooked on a weekly basis (and, more often than not, adding to basket!).

Deborah Brett

Deborah is the fantastically stylish fashion editor-at-large of Wardrobe Icons. She often heads to her beautiful house in Ibiza for the summer so we get to see her swoon-worthy home out there (just check out the beautiful tiled floors). Deborah’s ceramics are also stunning, in particular the stripy delights she has recently pulled out of the kiln.

Cat Walkgee

Anne Marie Gee has always been a fashion obsessive, despite feeling perpetually horrified by the insane prices. Brilliantly, she decided to set up a site dedicated to buying better, all while saying a big fat no to disposable fashion, focusing instead of being an advocate for buying preloved. We are also firm believers in buying reusing and have snapped up many wonderful bargains from Anne Marie’s site (think an ‘Acne’ pure wool navy coat, originally priced at over £500, for £80.) Definitely our kind of shopping.

By Lucy Abletshauser
Updated October 2022

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