Craig Landale, editor-in-chief of Menswear Style, GWG’s 2019 lifestyle blog of the year, shares his top Insta follows.

Craig Landale is the founder and editor-in-chief of the multi-award-winning Menswear Style, a blog which does just as it says on the tin, does it daily, and pulls it all off with lashings of the appropriate flair. Though driven by the sartorial, the blog also covers travel, fitness, food and drink and, well, just about everything that the style-inclined gent might wish to keep abreast of.

So impressed were we that at the 2019 GWG Awards (remember when we used to be able to hold events?), Menswear Style was garlanded as the best lifestyle blog of the year – an accolade that joined the chorus of praise it has been met with since its launch in 2012. Since those nascent days, Craig has been named in Shortlist’s ‘Chosen Few’ more than once; published a book called ABC of Man; and collaborated with stellar brands from Mulberry and Harrods to Jaguar.

Here, he shares with us his top Insta follows, from street style to start-ups.

@Couriermedia. It’s my favourite magazine and is all about modern business. I often come across new start-ups in the men's fashion industry when reading it.

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Looking for a change of scene? Austin has become one of the best cities in the world for technology, startups and innovation. But unlike many of the other places that share those traits, Austin offers a better work-life balance and a fast-emerging creative scene – that’s what makes it one of our top 14 cities to live and work. ? ? Who’s it for? ? You’re scaling your new startup, but Silicon Valley isn’t for you. You want to test a concept and network without forking out cashloads.? ? Why now? ? The city is hitting its peak while remaining affordable. Wait any longer and it might have already become a victim of its own popularity.? ? ???? For the full list of cities to move to in 2021, head to the link in bio to grab a copy of the ‘Get up and go’ issue while supplies last. ????@mynameismattjohnson? ?#modernbusiness?

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@father_of_daughters. Following Simon reminds me to have fun and to not take myself too seriously when parenting.

@garconstyle. Jonathan Daniel Pryce is a superb street style photographer, and his work gives me plenty of inspiration.

@thedolelectures. I always strive to keep learning and would love attend one of the weekend retreats.

@themodernhouse. An estate agent for houses that I adore. I cannot afford any of them, but I can dream.

@thehappyyear. Two brothers who have adopted a healthy lifestyle. Their way of life and diet inspires me to do the same.

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We’re launching a new book!! ???? ???????????? A health book called ‘The Happy Health Plan’ it will be out in December 10th this year - we are super proud! ???????? What do you think of the cover?? This will be the first health book we have done, its the learnings we have had from helping more than 50,000 people through our health courses over the last 10 years all distilled down into ‘The Happy Health Plan’ - 4 plans to improve your heart, skin, gut and shape along with 90 delicious mouth watering recipes. We both feel excited and a little anxious too, it’s the first time we have released 2 books in one year and not something we had planned, the opportunity arose and the timing was right and here we are feeling nervous and also excited to be sharing this news with you! Happy Health plan is our 5th book and is officially on preorder! There is a link to it in our bio @thehappypear It’s our first book published with the Penguin Life team out of London ???? We really applied good cooking techniques to these recipes to make healthy taste as good as we could ???? by @shay_mcl_

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@thingtesting. This account is focused on direct-to-consumer start-up brands, giving honest and unbiased reviews after testing first-hand.

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Brand dive ? Brands bringing the restaurant experience home ????? ? It’s now becoming clear that the business of dining may never be quite the same again. A survey of UK citizens in July, a week after hospitality businesses were allowed to reopen, found that just 20% felt comfortable sitting inside for a meal.? ? Eating out is about more than the food – experience is important too, and brands are exploring how they can package up that ambiance. When Wanda Box launched in July, it did so with £40 ($51) kits containing playlists, dinnerware, wall hangings, and curated menus and shopping lists for two. Its chef partners – including Marianna Leivaditaki of London’s @moritohackney and Anaïs van Manen, the head of research and development at @bao_london – have impeccable CVs.? ? The concept, founder Natalie Jones says, was “born out of lockdown”. “Having shared a few virtual dinners over zoom, I wondered whether this was something that could be explored within a retail concept,” she says. “An evening out, at home.”? ? We listed and spoke with brands bringing the restaurant experience home incl. @mrsalice @socialstudiesparty @laylondonltd @getfeastive @wildgrainbox @ourtable22 ? ? What brands did we miss? Who’s elevating at-home dining and how?? ???? ? Read the full brand dive ? (link in bio)

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@loveland_farm. Once my kids are a little older, this glamping site will be at the top of my staycation holiday list.

@thebodycoach. Joe is very motivational in health and fitness. When I need to get up and moving, I will watch some of his Stories.

By Nancy Alsop
October 2020


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