Follow our fave slow-living accounts on Insta: the antidote to fast-paced snaps and IG bragging .

In the short time that it has been around, Instagram has become the single most effective marketing tool for for brands, big and small, and we have become its frenzied scrollers. But look beyond the commercialism, the influencers and the hashtags and you’ll stumble across some more peaceful, slow-living feeds.

Here, we take a look at five gentle, soul-soothing accounts that are the antidote to the fast-paced snaps, the endless promotion and unsavoury IG bragging. Put your wallet away, take your time and enjoy.

@ anianycz

There is something so quiet and contemplative about this feed from Anna Nycz, about whom (refreshingly) we know very little. Quite simply, it is a collection of beautifully captured moments of the sort that so many of us miss or take for granted.


Katrien is living her dream of cultivating a “slow, handmade life” in an old Italian farmhouse with three boys, a flock of Tingola sheep and the man that she loves, and it is rather lovely to witness.


Melanie Barnes shares her slow living rituals and well-being lessons, and aims to help others reclaim moments of calm in their day, too. Scrolling through her posts, the most striking thing, apart from the stunning photography, is how often Melanie takes time to disconnect from Instagram - as well as real life social pressures. A lesson there for us all.


Author of Hashtag Authentic, Sara Tasker seeks to, and aims to help others, use Instagram wisely, which means, in essence, safely and sanely. Her posts are full of sage advice when it comes to this, reminding us of the positives of Instagram, while helping us to avoid and be wary of its negatives.


Join Kayte Ferris slow living in Snowdownia as she endeavors to “grow with soul” in her business and life. A business coach, writer, photographer, podcaster and award-winning blogger, Kayte clearly has as much going on as the rest of us - but she knows the importance of living slowly, and aims to share this message with the rest of us.

January 2019