Join the florist and stylist in lockdown as she soothingly instructs from her potting shed.

Willow Crossley Creates is one of those Instagram accounts that is always a soothing place to be. Since lockdown began, florist and stylist Willow’s regular IGTV instructional videos have made it even more so. In pre-lockdown life, we followed for the dreamy romance of her work. Now, we tune in for her winningly gentle manner, as she tells all of us at home how to do easily achievable garden jobs, like how to prick out your seeds, how to take geranium cuttings and how to warm up dahlias.

And guess what? As it turns out, these are exactly the kind of lessons we need right now as we turn our isolated attention to making our patches of outdoor space – whether a window box or a garden – as nice as they can be while we can’t go anywhere else (and hopefully beyond).

Plus, she shares, in her calm and temperate way, her battles with home schooling and the ups and downs of the Covid blues. There may be nothing frontline about this feed, but it’s doing wonders for our mental health. Willow, we thank you for calming us all down when we need it most.

By Nancy Alsop
May 2020


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